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Spain – Day 10: Return home

Shortly after take-off we discovered our seats were among a large group, on our side of the aircraft, which were electronically disconnected from the aircraft — no lights, no audio, no call button…zero, nothing and there were no overhead controls. It was significant enough the aircrew radio ahead to Charlotte, NC, aircraft maintenance…

Spain – Days 7, 8 & 9: Ambasmestas to Sergovia to Madrid

After our single night stay in Ambasmestas we began our drive to our next destination, Sergovia, Spain. This leg of our journey took us through an agricultural area of Spain, with large fields of grain and herds of sheep. Among the nearly flat fields were rocky mounds and atop one of these, near Mota del Marques…

Some things about WordPress

I’ve been using the Wordpress as the Content Management System (CMS) for this blog since 2006 and have been pleased with it. However, during that extended “relationship” there were a few bumps in the road, a few things I’ve learned…

Spain – Day 6: Cangas de Onis to Ambasmestas

Day six, was a travel day with a destination of Ambasmestas, Spain for a one night layover. As we departed Cangas de Onis the terrain began changing almost immediately from steep rocky mountain to smaller mountains with valley’s and then to mostly hilly plains.

Spain – Day 5: Cangas de Onis and surrounding area

For the morning’s adventure, we “free-styled” to the northern coast stopping at the happened upon Mirador del Fito observation point which provided spectacular views of the Asturias coast and the Pico’s de Europa.

Spain – Day 4: Azpeitia to Cangas de Onis

Our hotel in Azpeitia (meaning ‘down the rock’ in Basque) appeared to be a centuries old converted family home run by a brother and sister with the help of other family members. The dining area, with stone arches, the kitchen…

Spain – Day 3: To San Sebastian

The third morning of we arose to the sound of small bells beyond the balcony of our room. Behind the hotel was a garden and a fenced enclosure with goats, wearing bells. Bonnie took a photo of the goats reaching for the tender low lying leaves of a tree.

Spain – Day 2: Madrid to Azpeitia

Vacations are about sleeping in late and then having a nice breakfast/brunch when you do decide to get up – right? FORGET IT, that memo was misplaced, or I suspect purposefully hidden from me, for most of our Spain trip.

Spain: Arrival Madrid

I look upon international coach air travel as slow torture. Put me on a long enough flight and I’ll tell you anything, promise you anything, simply to disembark. A large part of my view on this comes from being tall with long legs and the airlines shrinking the spacing between rows to get as many of us “cattle” as possible on a plane. Such flights are the only times…

Northern Spain by car

A couple of close friends along with my wife and I recently returned from a long planned car tour of northern Spain.