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“Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known” — Carl Sagan

This blog has followed many different directions and purposes, through times of plenty and times when posts have been few and far between. More than once I've been tempted to close Meandering Passage down and walk away but it always calls me back. There's always a new adventure and lesson around the next corner...and so this blog has continued for 12 years and may yet do so a few more.


Along the way, 65

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If you’re a believer in the theory of evolution then all life originated in the ocean/sea. I put forth there also might be an argument made that the love of nomadic living also originated in the ocean as the above far, far, far distant cousin of an “RV’er” in the photo above might demonstrate. 🙂

The wide view

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I use to believe (or perhaps hoped) there would come a day when I would know all there was to know about myself and with that full insight I'd have a clear path mapped out for the future. Now as I reach my mid-sixties I realize how wrong I was to believe that nonsense.

More photos along the beach, Carrabelle, FL

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“Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think.” --Robert Henri The following are a few scenes which might be found on most beaches. These particular photos are from Carrabelle Beach along the gulf coast of the Florida Panhandle.

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