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Not the party pooper

©Meandering Passage - Earl Moore Photography

Event entrance into the sunroom and auction area, private home, Salisbury, North Carolina

If you’re lucky sometimes a service you’re asked to perform also turns out to be fun. This past weekend I had the opportunity to photograph a charity party/auction held at a local private home. The event ran from early evening into the night.

©Meandering Passage - Earl Moore Photography

Event food preparations, kitchen, private home, Salisbury, North Carolina

These circumstances made it interesting with constantly changing locations and lighting conditions along with the requirement of photographing as non-obtrustively as possible in available light, no flash.

©Meandering Passage - Earl Moore Photography

Den, private home, Salisbury, North Carolina

For the event, I broke out my Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens for about half the photos.  I don’t know why I don’t use this lens more often — each time I do I fall in love with it all over.  For indoors it’s a wonderfully sharp lens to capture full rooms and is fast enough for most conditions. I’d seriously thought of selling this lens last fall — I’m glad I didn’t!

©Meandering Passage - Earl Moore Photography

Event food setting, dining room, private home, Salisbury, NC

My other go-to lens for the night was Nikon’s 24-70mm f/2.8…always a sharp and quick contender under any circumstances.

On my Nikon D600 I switched to shutter priority, 1/80 to 1/125 of a second, with high ISO limited at 3200 — letting the camera do the work from there.  There wasn’t a single image eliminated due to blurred motion, under/over exposure or noise. But, there were  photos eliminated for weak composition — the human link. :-)

©Meandering Passage - Earl Moore Photography

Guest serving themselves at the event, private home, Salisbury, North Carolina

I was given the freedom of picking shots to record the event as well as formatting and post-processing decisions.  A satisfying evening of photography.

©Meandering Passage - Earl Moore Photography

Living room conversations, private home, Salisbury, North Carolina

4 Comments on Not the party pooper

  1. First of all these are a good series of images and looks like some good food was eaten. Hope you got your share. Dang, that human link.
    Monte Stevens recently posted… Change

  2. Paul Maxim // 8 May ’14 at 7:20 am // Reply

    I really like these pictures, Earl. Especially the “den” and “living room” images. To me, they are distinctly “southern” in flavor. I doubt that you’d find many homes that looked like this up here in the frozen north. Not that interior decoration is better or worse up here – it’s just different. And I love the woman’s hat in the last picture. Won’t find many of those up here, either. The “southern style” is apparently alive and well in Salisbury!

    • Paul, you’re probably right about finding this style more in the south…but it’s certainly not every home, or most homes, and not my taste…too ornate.

      The hat in the last photo was in honor of it being “Derby” day…as in Kentucky Derby. There was a TV on in the sunroom where many watched California Chrome run for an easy win.

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