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Moments of sunshine

©Meandering Passage - Earl Moore Photography

Morning sun rays amid forest canopy. Salisbury, NC


Rain showers have limited some outdoors activities the last few days so I’ve used this time to work on this blog and the associated gallery.   We’re still doing the daily walks, despite the high humidity and frequent rain.  I wish we could share some of this rain with those states out west who so badly need it.

Deep in the forest the fungi/mushrooms are going crazy, springing up everywhere, and it’s beginning to look and feel like a rain forest with all the abundant green undergrowth.  Critters have been abundant as well with tortoises, an opossum (found doing the walk of shame early one morning,) snakes, rabbits, squirrels, white tail deer and even a stray coyote all spotted and often chased by Maggie.

©Meandering Passage - Earl Moore Photography

Morning sun rays breaking the forest canopy. Salisbury, NC


Blog work — months ago Mark Graf kindly informed me certain images I was posting in Meandering Passage were not scaling correctly when viewed on an iPad, or probably any other small screen device…they would remain too large and be clipped off under the right sidebar area.  I found this only happening when the image caption feature of WordPress was used.  The “what” came easily, however, determining the “why” became a longer term project.   My short term countermeasure/fix was highly technical — stop using captions. :-)

I enjoy the current “floating dynamic grid” theme and I didn’t want to move away from it.  The theme’s design is more complex/unfamiliar then most of the WordPress themes I’ve used in the past so the problem solving progress went a little slower and the digging a little deeper.  I arrived at a solution yesterday, requiring one line of CSS code in the Custom CSS theme file — a line of code which seems redundant when looking at other used CSS files in the theme but worked nevertheless.  Non-technically — something was overriding something else — or one of those cases when “I don’t understand all I know,” but hey,  it works. ;-)  Captions are back!

Riding upon the “glory” of my success and being in my right or perhaps wrong frame of mind, I decided to also upgrade my Piwigo photo gallery software.  This was a major version number upgrade and my last effort resulted in a full rollback/restore to the old version.   Yes, in a moment of uncommon clarity I’d performed a full backup of the gallery just prior to the upgrade so only time, and a great deal of confidence, was lost in that total fail effort.

This most recent upgrade went smoothly and the new version is indeed faster with new features.  I also  adopted a new gallery theme and was able to incorporate most of my customizations from the previous version – feel free to check it out (see link at top of page in main menu) and please report back any problems/issues/suggestions.

As with my life…all things are still a work in progress.


8 Comments on Moments of sunshine

  1. Good looking gallery Earl…

    Methinks that ‘work in progress’ thing is a chronic condition. Not a bad thing at all…

  2. I don’t have an iPad but I do have a Kindle Fire. It loads pages very well without any problem.
    We’ve had high humidity and plenty of rain the past few weeks, too. I’ve tried to make to best of it, as you have here (very nice photo, by the way) but it ain’t easy.

    • Ken, glad to know it loads okay on your Fire. It doesn’t look like there’s going to be much of a break from this weather pattern for a while so I guess we can only continue to make do. :-) Thanks!

  3. Great shots – love those rays.

  4. Lookin good Earl – viewing on my iPad. :-)

    I can very much relate to the little bits of CSS that can cause the strangest things to happen. I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent with trial and error fixing various things.

    I enjoyed a quick trip to the gallery – very snappy loading and nicely organized.

    • Mark, I’m can’t tell you how many times I worked on this issue, each time, before this last, walking away in disgust. I almost did away with the whole theme because of it. It was trial and error that resolved it when logic failed me.

      Glad to know it’s working on your iPad.

      Thanks for checking out the gallery. I’ve got key-wording, titling/descriptions, and “weeding” to do now. This new version of Piwigo also has a pretty good print purchasing plugin that works with PayPal which I might eventually activate. Any words of wisdom from your own experience? :-)

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