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Preserve my voice

©Meandering Passage - Earl Moore Photography
First, a sincere thank-you to those who via the previous post left kind birthday wishes and encouraging words on my current inspirational slump and time away from photographing, as well as my lack of participating in any meaningful way in this my little corner of the “blogosphere.”

I’ve experienced downtimes before but this particular one has been a doozy with seriously contemplation perhaps seven years of keeping this blog going was more than enough time devoted to proving whatever hapless points I was ever hoping to make with it…if any.

©Meandering Passage - Earl Moore Photography

Over the past seven years I’ve devoted considerable time to this avenue of expression — 1840+ posts, 9450+ comments and replies. I’m still not certain what role, purpose or place it holds in my existence but still, for the time being, it continues to please me.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Perhaps this blog is a convient means to preserve my voice and not be silent.  That thought certainly makes me assess the significance of my posts. I continue to ask myself, “Have I used, or am I using, my voice well?”


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13 Comments on Preserve my voice

  1. If and when you finally decide to “fold up the tent”, it will be a loss to blogosphere!
    Steve Skinner recently posted… Thoughts On The Forest

  2. I agree with Steve, it would be sad day. I wonder how often what we see as slumps are really moments of change or transformation. Change or transformation are our constant companions through life. What stirs and motivates me in the past may not apply in the present. As for me, it seems I do not write as much. And, for the past 6 months I’ve not been in the field or on the streets as much. However, I feel there is a transformation within me and that will sure change how I write and what images I shoot.

    I like your voice, Earl, in both your posts and comments. So, in my opinion you have helped change me as a person and photographer through you words and images.
    Monte Stevens recently posted… Susnets

    • Thanks Monte…it’s been a downtime for a lots of bloggers and photographers it seems. I appreciate your feedback and visits here and look forward to seeing and reading your future work.

  3. What a wonderful Dr. Martin Luther King quote – and certainly a valid motivation not only for photographers and/or bloggers. Your figures certainly prove perseverance and so you will blog again when the time is right.

  4. I haven’t been at this blogging nearly as long as you have but when I started, this is one of the first I latched on to. And for good reasons; stimulating posts and great photography. Find your equilibrium, I’ll wait right here.
    ken bello recently posted… ps: I love you

  5. Earl, I still enjoy coming here and hope that you’ll stay around. I think the whole “why” of it gets us all, at one time or another. This has been the lowest time of posting for me since I started.

    I’ll still be around.
    Paul recently posted… Even in another language.

  6. Earl, it’s nice to know you’ll still be around and may I say that even if words were ever to fail you completely, you speak most eloquently through your photos (the photos on this post are beautiful examples of this) so even if you were to only post your photographs, I’d still come around to listen.
    Cedric Canard recently posted… Comings and goings

  7. I know the feeling well Earl, and quite frankly – sometimes I wonder if I have anything left to say, or if it even matters.
    Mark recently posted… The Processing Woods

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