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14 Comments on Scenes from the morning’s walk: Details

  1. Certainly no shortage of details in nature. I wonder if anyone has ever calculated the amount of mega/Terabytes of info we process on an average walk?
    Mark recently posted… Morphing Landscape

  2. My goodness, these have a lovely feel to them. Which iPhone do you have? Did you post-process these?
    Chris Klug recently posted… Street Scene

  3. Art in nature is everywhere, even on our walks. Have a good weekend, Earl!
    Monte Stevens recently posted… Dreamer

  4. Paul Maxim // 9 Feb ’13 at 8:12 am // Reply

    Personally, I think that this type of photography is where smartphones are at their best. I don’t think they perform all that well when trying to capture the “grand landscape”. Or people, even. But they do very well, I think, in these semi-abstractions.

    These are all very good, Earl. If it were me, I think I’d try the first one in black and white, though. I really like the image, but for me the green distracts a bit.

    No pictures like this for me this weekend. Too much of the damned white stuff out there………

    • Paul, I agree this type of photo seems to be a sweet spot for most phone cameras. Interesting observation about the first photo…I actually desaturated the green in this one because I felt it was overpowering. The original green was extreme.

      I hope for a little of the white stuff this winter…but not as much as you guys get.

  5. I particularly love the first image – I feel like I can reach out and touch the soft moss. The different shades of green and blue are fabulous too… wonderful work.
    Martina Egli recently posted… Love is in the Air

  6. Great textures, Earl. I’m particularly drawn to the second leaf photo, and the lighting.
    Jim | SpinView recently posted… When the Horse Became Curious

  7. Very nice shots
    Navin Harish recently posted… Is that your best smile?

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