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Picking up where I left off

Earl Moore Photography

Center portion of the dam, Cooleemee River Park, NC

This past Monday I did a couple of things I hadn’t done for a long while, I visited Bull Hole/Cooleemee River Park and I photographed with my Nikon D700 camera.

There was a time I’d visit Bull Hole every couple of weeks but my last visit, prior to this one, was six months ago, in March.  No particular reason for not going there much this year except perhaps my feeling a little burnt out on it.  I could claim the same reason on why I haven’t shot with my D700 since the end of April…just a burnt out.

Earl Moore Photography

Left edge of dam, Cooleemee River Park, NC

However, I have to tell you it felt great to revisit both yesterday — to pick up where I left off.  There had been enough rain recently for water to be flowing over the Dam but not so much as to cause flooding at Bull Hole, and the D700 — it felt like an extension of my arm after a few shots.  I really enjoy the Olympus E-M5 but it doesn’t have the ergonomics of the Nikon.

There was a point, after returning from our Italy trip in July basking in the the great performance and capabilities of the E-M5, I considered perhaps I didn’t need or have use for a full size DSLR.  Gut check — not feeling that way now.  There’s a place and time for both.

Earl Moore Photography

Broken finger of stone, Cooleemee River Park, NC

In the first photo you can see the majority of the river dam,  which is approximately 14-18 ft tall and stands upon solid granite bedrock. The yellow structure on the right is part of  sluice gate controls which channel water around to the right — this is an active hydroelectric dam.

The second image is the section of the dam to the left of the frame of the first photo.  There’s a natural rise of the bedrock on this side which the dam disappears into. There’s also some wonderful rock formations for cascading water in this area which you’ll see in a later post.

This final image is of a finger of granite which couldn’t support it’s own weight once the river washed away the softer stone/composite beneath it.  I have no idea when it broke. It’s been like this since I’ve been visiting the park.

Monday was a nice overcast day with wonderful even light.  A time well enjoyed and well spent.

8 Comments on Picking up where I left off

  1. The image of the three broken rocks is very powerful.
    Steve Skinner recently posted… The Land Of The Rising Sun

    • Thanks, Steve. What didn’t come across is the scale. You can walk through the first break and the top of the broken rock is 8-10 ft high.

  2. It’s great to touch base with old friends and places. Glad you did. It’s strange how I sometimes think I want to sell my G12 and replace it with the OMD or some 4/3 camera but I somehow regain my senses and know that’s not where I need to go. Just this past few days I’ve put the small 35mm f1.8 on the camera and gone image hunting. Feels good!If I’m ever down that way, we need to make a dam trip. :-)
    Monte Stevens recently posted… Playing Around

    • Monte, I’d love to show you “Bull Hole” sometime and if it’s been raining we’ll have some water over the dam. :-)

  3. Very nice images, Earl, especially the broken finger.
    The one thing I really like about the Nikon system is that their ergonomics have remained consistent through the years, even going back to some of the 35mm. They just seem comfortable in the hand.
    ken bello recently posted… about this photo – short story long

  4. I really like that broken granite shot Earl.

    I can relate to what you write here. I feel burnt out on many of my usual spots. But the energy that returns after being away for awhile can be invigorating. Glad to see you showing the D700 some love again.
    Mark recently posted… Beach Rocks

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