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10 Comments on Not allowed

  1. Earl, maybe it something as simple as one shoe having less tread than the other!
    Steve Skinner recently posted… Thoughts On Being Lost

  2. Maybe it was slippery out there and your left foot kept sliding out . Yeah, that’s it! :)
    Paul recently posted… And now, the D600

    • Paul…it could well due to “something” slipping — perhaps my mind. As I approach 60 I know there are things that are slipping! :-o

  3. Maybe one legs shorter than the other. I have the same issue and really have to watch it. Hold it, maybe it’s the 12 pack you tote in your backpack thats messed up your back so that you list a bit to one side. Yea, that’s it. Anyway, we always have the crop tool. :-)
    Monte Stevens recently posted… Saturday Morning

    • Monte, I stopped carrying that Keg Backpack, now you tell me I’ve gotta drop the 12 pack too…wow, perhaps photography is too demanding! ;-)

      Yes, I’m a self taught expert with the Lightroom crop and straighten tool. Thanks!

  4. Perhaps you subscribe to the idea that diagonal lines in the photo create more interest and tension. I’m just sayin’.
    ken bello recently posted… about this photo – short story long

    • Ken, I didn’t use too but I’m starting to see and love those diagonal lines as indicative of my subconscious trying to express itself. It’s what it’s trying to tell me that’s a little scary! ;-)

  5. So they don’t allow any lens cleaning solution in those woods?? Wow, seems discriminatory against shutterbugs I think. :-)
    Mark recently posted… Beach Rocks

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