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Passing by

Earl Moore Photography

Watering – Running

The street scenes captured in these photos remind me life is not as complicated as we would believe it to be nor as simple as we might hope it to be.  Sometimes events occur simultaneously on multiple levels.

Earl Moore Photography

Watering – Biking

It would have been interesting to see how many others I could have captured passing this same point as the young woman above busily waters her plants, but I could only spare a few moments.



12 Comments on Passing by

  1. That is a cool series of images, Earl. And, yes, I wonder what other images you could have discovered by staying around for a while.
    Monte Stevens recently posted… Those Expectations

    • There probably would have been a number of additional images if I’d had the time…but others were waiting on me. Thanks, Monte

  2. Life certainly happens on many levels!
    Steve Skinner recently posted… Thoughts On Being Lost

  3. I like the series, it’s an interesting view, the ambiguity of life and how interestingly our lives sometimes coincide.
    Ove recently posted… Need to flush

    • Hi Ove, yes sometimes the best we can do is be observers…one reason I believe the act of photography can provide useful life skills. Thanks!

  4. There could be some interesting themes in this – oblivious intersections?
    Mark recently posted… Michigan’s Thumb

    • Mark, I took this first photo because I found it interesting on it’s own and then a few moments later I saw the second scene and realized there was something larger…a theme here. I like the oblivious intersections description. Thanks!

  5. I think you need to go back to this same spot, at the same time of day, record what transpires and post more photos. I’ll wait here.
    ken bello recently posted… What was I thinking?

  6. You created an interesting “place to view and shoot” that had strong potential. Nice job and perhaps a future idea to explore.
    Don recently posted… Tamrak Shopping Village

    • Don, I may explore the concept but this particular spot was in Italy so the location I’m afraid is lost to me. Something to think about… thanks!

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