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Crapemyrtle and the Arbor Day Foundation

Earl Moore Photography

Arbor Day Newsletter July/August 2012 Back Cover – Crapemyrtle Tree Photo by Earl Moore –

Several months ago I received an email from a representative of the Arbor Day Foundation stating they wished to use a Crapemyrtle Tree photo of mine they had found via this blog in their upcoming July/August newsletter.

Believing in their cause, I granted them permission to use it as long as they indicated it was my copyrighted photo and with the understanding they were to sent me a couple of copies of the newsletter when published.  They agreed to both terms.

I hadn’t thought much about it since then but I recently received an envelope containing two copies of the Arbor Day Newsletter with my photo (clearly noted as © Earl Moore – in an article about Crapemyrtle Trees on the back cover.

They were true to their word.

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  1. Congratulations, Earl!!! Remember the little people. :D
    Paul recently posted… The road to nowhere and back

  2. Congratulations, Awesome and all the other good stuff! Brings a smile to my face and makes me feel good inside!
    Monte Stevens recently posted… Abbie

  3. Beautiful, congratulations!
    ken bello recently posted… Rattlesnake Pete

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