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Earl Moore Photography I was experimenting a bit with textured layers in Photoshop on this image. It’s clear to me I’ve got a ways to go before I really understand this practice but this flower image is one of my better efforts thus far. I don’t know I see any long term future with this for me, but an interesting exercise nevertheless.

Anita Jesse has done some nice work using this technique making me think I wanted to give it a try.


8 Comments on Textured

  1. Practice is the only way we get better. I also agree Anita does some wonderful work with textures.
    Monte Stevens recently posted… One of her roses

    • Monte, I find experimentation and learning by doing to be fun so it’s not “work” to me to try things like this. Thanks! :-)

  2. I know some people who use this a lot, sometimes successfully. Anita definitely does it well. I’ve never considered it my “thing” and haven’t tried it. This is a nice attempt though, I’d encourage you to stay with it.
    Tom Dills recently posted… Glacier Bay

    • Tom, I’ve never really considered it my thing either but I thought I’d give it a shot and see if it might be another tool I could use on occasion. I appreciate the encouragement. I’m going to keep trying it when I have an image that seems to fit.

  3. I have dabbled here and there with textures. I often have to question my own motives if I am just using texture as a gimmick or that it actually adds something useful to the photo.
    Mark recently posted… Little Cayman underwater

    • Mark, I understand those thoughts. I’ve wonder if it’s just a gimmick as well and to be honest I still have not made up my mind on that point.

  4. I admire a skillfully applied texture to a photo, and this is perfect subject matter for it. This one is quite nice with the texture and I think it’s fun (as well as creative) to experiment with the technique.
    ken bello recently posted… READ AT YOUR OWN RISK

    • Hi Ken, thanks. I do like experimenting and at the same time perhaps picking up a new technique I may use a little in the future. At this point I don’t think it will be something I’ll use a lot but you may see it every now and again on here.

      I hope you’re feeling better.

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