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Picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Earl Moore Photography

Stone Mountain, NC

Daring the spring alergies Bonnie and I took the convertible up to Stone Mountain State Park and on to the Blue Ridge Parkway this past Sunday. This weather wasn’t all they advertised it was going to be. It was mostly cloudy all day.

We packed a picnic lunch to take with us. Part of our conversation during lunch was how long it had been since we’d packed a lunch for the mountains and finally decided it was at least six years — maybe never was also a possible answer. Depends what you call a lunch I guess. In any case it won’t be as long for the next one.

Earl Moore Photography

Fly Fishing

We came upon a fly fisherman and I quickly pulled over to make a couple of photos. I was lucky I stopped when I did, a few moments later a park ranger made him get out of the water — he may not have had a permit which is required to fish inside the park boundaries. :-)

Earl Moore Photography

Spring: brown turning to green - Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

The mountains are still mostly brown but there’s lots of light green beginning to show. In a few more weeks it will all be green. There were a multitude of Dogwood and Azalea blooms to brighten the scene along the Parkway.

Earl Moore Photography

Garden Creek Baptist Church, NC - 1897

It you’re not in a hurry there’s always an abundance of things to see in the North Carolina Mountains and it seems you see even more of them when you are riding in an open top car.

16 Comments on Picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway

  1. That’s such a beautiful area – unfortunately, we only got to spend a short time there. Love the last shot of the old church!

  2. I really like that fly fishing image, brings back memories of days on the rivers. Wonder if he got a fine. I’m not sure the last time I went for a picnic lunch unless you throw in camping trips. I just may have to do that. But today is not the day as it is snowing and expected to snow most of the day. We have about an inch now and could see 3-5 inches. More of soup kinda day.

    I am envious of those opportunities to drive to those Blue Ridge Mountains, just for a picnic. I have never visited them although I’ve photographed the Smoky Mountains. I really need to put that in my bucket list.
    Monte Stevens recently posted… Natures Music

    • Monte, as we were pulling away that fisherman was doing some fast talking with the ranger…and the ranger didn’t look too happy.

      Snow…man, that’s been out of the picture for so long here it’s shocking to think you’re still getting some. If you find yourself in the area with a day, or several, sometime let me know and we’ll do the Blue Ridge…I never get tired of the mountains.

  3. I like the cabin photo best out of this group. There is something about the rustic look that’s very appealing. And the B&W works very well with it.
    I like the idea of packing a lunch and taking off for a long drive, especially on such a nice day.

    • Ken, I believe there are still Church services held here but I’m not sure if it has a regular congregation. It was a fun trip enjoy by all! Thanks!

  4. I don’t have a convertible but I do have a Mustang, so let’s do a drive and a picnic on the Parkway one of these weekends! The area around Stone Mountain is one of my favorite areas because it’s not too heavily visited. I wish they’d reopen the restaurant in Doughton Park though, I miss the fried chicken!
    Tom Dills recently posted… Noise

  5. Such a great area you live near Earl. I have never heard of Stone Mountain before. Can you actually get up close to the rock faces? Were you tempted to be a paparazzi with the ranger hauling off the fisherman in cuffs? :-)
    Mark recently posted… Ignoring the camera

    • Mark, actually you can hike to the top of the rock dome in the first photo. By the number of cars at the bottom of the trail there were lots of people doing just that on Sunday. No, I decided I had the photo I wanted and no one looked very happy as we left. :-)

  6. Sounds like a good day. I can almost feel the wind on my face, driving along that ribbon of road…
    Eric Jeschke recently posted… Bathroom Mermaid

  7. And we were just talking about the convertible the other day! :D Nice, very nice. You make me miss The Parkway. I’ve not been up there in several months. Time for another trip!
    Paul recently posted… Link hopping

    • Yeah, we’ve really enjoyed and used that convertible. We both agree it was a great buy even if it seemed a bit impractical at the time. A couple of weeks and it will be all fresh and green along the Parkway.

  8. This is a great photo essay, Earl. It’s amazing how much time can slip by before we suddenly realize, ‘Whoa, I haven’t been doing some of the activities I like to do most.’
    David Leland Hyde recently posted… Drylands: The Deserts of North America 1

    • David, yeah, it’s easy to let our lives slip away one moment at a time isn’t it. It takes some vigilance to get the most out of it being sure to enjoy even the simple pleasures. Thanks!

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