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Autumn draws closer

Earl Moore Photography

A little touch up for the coming Autumn colors

One afternoon this week I went walking at a local park to enjoy the weather, to ponder things stuck in my head and if so disposed, to snap a few photos. It was upon returning and uploading those few photos I noticed autumn colors in a few of the trees. It’s mid-August and the fall season ahead seems now closer then that extra hot summer of weeks past.

When I took the original photo of the brightly painted bench and matching trash can I was hoping I’d find some creative use for it. The idea for the resulting image came later when I saw the beginnings of autumn colors in the background trees. I remember thinking, “It looks like someone painted that in” and so this image via Photoshop, was born.

Have a great weekend everyone — “I’ve got many more leaves to paint if autumn is to be on time this year.” :-)

22 Comments on Autumn draws closer

  1. It’s the same here in the UK, it kind of creeps on you. Still, I do like autumn with misty mornings, cobwebs and seeing conkers lying around the base of the horse chestnut trees.

  2. That’s a very high-tech paintbrush (pen?). Still, I guess you’ve got a lot of leaves to paint, so anything that saves time must be worth it :)

    • JP, That’s an air-brush…much faster but with less detail. It’s great for applying a little fall color to leaves. ;-) Have a good weekend!

  3. Great composite, Earl. And a great idea. Well done!

  4. Really nice image very creative.

  5. Dang, there are fall colors in that image. I’ve also noticed the cooler mornings and evenings as autumn approaches. It will be a different autumn for me as I will not have all those hardwood trees with reds and oranges. But, there will be plenty of colors. Have a super weekend, Earl!

    • Monte, I imagine being back nearer family and friends will make autumn all the more enjoyable…no matter the amount of reds and oranges. Thanks!

  6. Autumn has never looked more lovely. You had some fun there. :)

  7. What a delightful composite. Lovely work and a wonderfully fun idea. I can’t say that I am seeing color here, but there are other clear signs that summer is winding down. The crisper mornings, the changes in the sky (deeper blues and some promising clouds)—you can feel that the grip of summer has loosened.

    • Anita, oh there’s some autumn leaf color in the upper right corner — background trees. Isn’t it strange how you can wake up one morning and suddenly think…”it feels like fall.”

  8. There always seems to be those one or two trees that have to be early starters eh?

    Cool idea for an image Earl.

  9. I like the creative work that resulted in such an attractive image. The concept is excellent and you pulled it off very well. Impressive result.

  10. It can’t be time for fall colors yet; we just had our first day above eighty degrees yesterday.

  11. What a great image! I love your creativity, the beautiful red of the bench enhances the feeling of autumn in the leaves that are already changing their colours. It really feels like a beautiful late summers afternoon. And your photoshop skills are outstanding!

  12. What a great composite, Earl. And it fits perfectly. I’ve noticed a couple of ‘early starters’ myself and remember thinking: Dang! Is it that time … ALREADY? But, the cooler mornings and afternoons, as well as the later sunrise and earlier sunset assure me that it is! :) Thursday morning, the kids will be on the corner waiting for the school buses and that will seal the deal!

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