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The office refit – no longer just a man cave

Several weeks ago I mentioned in “Refiting the man cave” we were in the process of remodeling my office but were waiting for furniture to be delivered. For the most part it’s now finished although I need to do some wire management and build a drop down work surface in the closet storage area.

The room is a converted bedroom. Our concept was for it to have three functional areas. One a modern computer/photography area with lots of desktop and storage space, a reading and media viewing area with a warm contemporary feel and a storage work area created from a converted double doored closet. This design is a fusion of modern and contemporary with details added by both Bonnie and myself.

For those who expressed an interest, here’s photos of where I process the images you see on Meandering Passage and this is where I write these rambling posts.

Earl Moore Photography

Photo 1

Earl Moore Photography

Photo 2

Earl Moore Photography

Photo 3

Earl Moore Photography

Photo 4

Earl Moore Photography

Photo 5

Earl Moore Photography

Photo 6

Photo 1 & 2: Computer workspace with the wide L-shaped desk and linear storage unit. There’s also a gallery rail photo hanging system to easily display some of my work.

Photo 3: You see the merging of the computer workspace and the reading/media space. There’s also a rack near the door that holds networking components, a Drobo Pro Backup device, a UPS, and a laser printer.

Photo 4 & 5: The reading and media area — the chair belonged to my parents and is one of the most comfortable sitting chairs ever.

Photo 6: This displays the closet converted to a storage unit. I plan on building a drop down work surface between the two bookshelves to be used for photo framing or computer repairs.

I don’t have a good photo of this space before the “flip” but let’s just say it was dark maroon, unorganized and very depressing.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Photo Wall Hanging Rail System – Contempo(R) System by AS Hanging Systems

26 Comments on The office refit – no longer just a man cave

  1. Congratulations, Earl – this looks like a cave you have very little reason to leave!

  2. Now that’s what I call a very comfy cave! Wow! I knew that it would turn out great, because I’ve seen your previous projects, but … damn! That is sensational. Excellent job, Earl.

  3. Love that cave, Earl. I’m sure you will be spending some good time in there. I also agree with Paul, damn!

  4. Wow! It may have once been dark and depressing, but you have made it gorgeous and downright inspiring. What a sensational job you have done. Will you think I am a rotten person if I confess how jealous I am? Thanks for taking the time to post all the photos. I will be coming back to these more than once to see how a master does it.

    • Anita, Thanks and no way are you a rotten person. I’ve never had a workspace as nice as this before so I’m still a little amazed myself. We’ll have to see if it translates in a positive way to my photography efforts? ;-)

  5. You and Bonnie have done a fine job of creating such useable and spaces that has charm and style. Every aspect of these rooms (in the enlarged versions) shows such thorough thought and producing design with function to well integrated. Excellent transformation.

    • Thanks, Don. Like most things the final result was part planning, part accident and part just lucky. But like they…”I love it when a ‘plan’ comes together!” :-)

  6. That is one heck of a nice cave Earl. Looks like a professional interior design job. Yeah, that dark, unorganized, depressing space sounds like where I am right now. You have certainly provided me some inspiration to want to do something with this space. Actually makes me want to just take a bulldozer and wipe it clean. :-)

    I have been thinking about the photo rails also. What kind did you end up getting? Are the photos behind glass?

    • Mark, thanks. Now that this is done I wonder what ever took me so long to do this! ;-)

      I added a link in the post above for the source of the photo rails I used. It’s called the Contempo(R) System by AS Hanging Systems. The rail mounts to the wall every 8 inches and then you can have cables or rods on sliding C-hooks for hanging the photos — I went with the cables. There are various bottom cable hooks for hanging or holding almost any type of mounted photo and these can be positioned anywhere up and down the cable.

      I wanted to be able to mix and match photos and change them out every once in a while without turning the wall into “swiss cheese.” I really like this system for this application.

      The photos in the images are simply foam-board mounted with a protective clear overcoating — inexpensive enough to allow many change-outs and additions to my “gallery.” :-)

  7. Your cave turned out gorgeous. I like the cabinetry you chose. Can you explain the picture hanging system you have in photo 2? That’s cool!

    • Thanks so much, Ken!

      In the reply to Mark above I’ve described the hanging system to some extent and I’ve added a link at the bottom of the original post to the source. They have all the specifications and options in great detail online.

      I very much like this system and it should give me greater freedom to hang and enjoy more of my own work.

  8. Holy Crap, Earl, that is one awesome new space you’ve got there. I like the color scheme you’ve got, goes well with the wood flooring. Very inspiring!

  9. ~ sigh~… I am sooo envious Earl. :)

    It’s a beautiful space. I’m sure you’ll spend many enjoyable and productive hours there.

    • PJ, thank-you. It hardly seems real to me yet…almost like someone else’s space. But I’m certainly going to enjoy it. I’ve never had a space this nice before.

  10. Very nice, Earl! And tidy! My God, did you dare putting your tools from your computer upgrade on those tables? :-)

    There’s only one complaint, you have to give that plant more light! (Or is it artificial?) ;-)

    Thanks for the inspiration. I might go for a rail system myself, in a very long corridor we have in our house. Your installation looks very neat!

    • Ove, Thanks! LOL, I have a protective cloth cover I lay over the desks/tables when I’m doing upgrade or repair work. :-)

      That plant seems to live on abuse and even I can’t seem to kill it…yes it’s artificial.

  11. I really like the reading area; looks like a great place for a nap too!

    • Thanks, Steve. The reading area is a warmer more cozy break from modern furnishing of the workspace. I haven’t napped there yet but it’s probably on the agenda at some point. :-)

  12. Wow, Earl! I love your new office, it has a wonderfully contemporary feel and the beautiful green colour on the wall creates a relaxing atmosphere. I particularly like your gallery rail photo hanging system where you can easily change the display of your work. Thanks a lot for the link, I’m considering buying one for myself! Enjoy working in your fantastic studio!

    • Martina, thanks! A goal of mine for this project was to achieve a more modern/contemporary space with abundant storage and room. The walls are a light grey but in some of the photos they did picked up a slight green tint. I’d seen these gallery rail art hanging systems and wanted to splurge for them — now I love it. It’s nice not having to punch holes in my wall every time I want to hang something new and it makes it easy to change things our as my mood changes.

  13. hi Earl!
    Love tge desk/table. could you tell me where they are from? thanks


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