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Fading Light – a kiss goodnight

Earl Moore

Fading light, a final kiss goodnight.

This has been a peak week for my spring allergies — I’m allergic to certain tree pollens. I use to enjoy working with wood, building furniture, doing a little carving, but as I’ve gotten older it’s progressed to my being allergic to some types of sawdust.

Taking an over the counter 24 hour allergy relief capsule each morning and using prescription cream to prevent my eyes from itching and swelling takes care of most of the symptoms. However, even the non-drowsey medication makes me feel very lethargic after a while, and I’ve been taking it for more than three weeks now. Hopefully I can soon roll off it.

I picked this photo for the way it depicts the evening light giving two beautiful tulips a gentle “kiss” before darkness overtakes them. The word kiss came to mind describing this event due to the beautiful lipstick red shades of the tulips.

Now that’s the story I see in my mind and the one I choose to tell. However, truth be told, this photo was made early one morning by first light — but since this isn’t photojournalism… ;-)

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  1. Sucks that the allergies hit you pretty hard Earl. I have them, but they are probably mild in comparison. I have been on Zyrtec-D for the past few days just to tame the sinus headaches and stuffiness.

    I think this is a very comtemplative photo. Don’t care about the time of day – it certainly speaks to the delicate way light interacts with every object around us. Besides, it can also be a wake-up kiss in the morning. :-)

    • Mark, Yeah, these allergies suck big time and they seem to be getting worse with age. But it is what it is.

      I agree on this photo is contemplative. I hadn’t hit upon that particular descriptive word but it certainly fits well and you’re right, it’s more about what a photo says, the story it tells or the emotions it evokes then the who, what, when or where — at least in this case.

      Thanks and have a great weekend.

  2. I understand about the allergies, Earl. My eyes have started itching, nose running, and the whole gamut of springtime allergy issues.

    A very lovely shot. I like the softness of the light on the tulips, regardless of the time of day.

    • Paul, I think we should all buy stock in some of these allergy pharmaceutical companies…at least each spring.

      Well, I figured I’d better be up front on the time this shot was taken…you know “some people” look at EXIF data. ;-)

  3. I love the story with this luscious photo and I am sticking to the original version. Allergies, or not, sir, you have been on a roll, giving lessons on making the most of light. I will be returning often to visit this one. Bravo!

    I don’t budge without a tissue in my pocket, but I have nothing compared to your situation. Many years ago, I did suffer terribly. Finally, I learned that the situation was aggravated by food sensitivities. It wouldn’t hurt to check that out. I certainly hope that you are near the end of this season’s suffering. Feel better. The world needs more photographs like this one!

    • Thanks, Anita! I guess recently my attention and interest has been focused upon the subtleties of light. My pledge to view photography through a “fun filter” this year has been a bit revealing, perhaps like the “Emperors Clothes.” From fun comes serious…I’ve realized I was in need of refining my abilities to visually discern and express subtle differences with/of light. So I’m trying to upgrade my precision from that of an “axe” to at least a “scalpel.” :-)

      The last of April is usually when I get some relief from my allergies…the end is near, I hope!

      Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Nice touch of light on these tulips and feel the darkened edges help highlight them. And, thanks for the morning kiss! :-)

  5. I love the sense of mystery the soft light conveys!

  6. It’s a beautiful image of these flowers regardless of the time of day. I hope you’re getting pass the allergies by this time…or soon. Great looking picture today.

    • Hey Don, thanks. The worst of the allergies should soon be over. Normally by the end of April I can stop taking the allergy medicine. Have a good one.

  7. Oh how I feel with you – the last weeks were pollen-wise really terrible also here. And I do know as well this feeling of tiredness, of being sucked-dry from positive energy. But at least sometimes photography can be a relief.
    Your tulip image is very fine, the light does its best to give depth and a bit of mystery. Thanks for this easter greetings.

    • Markus, thank-you! You’re right about photography being a relief. It’s nice to be able to lose myself, and my allergies, for a few moments in a photo. Good weekend to you!

  8. I love this image, Earl. The color and light, contrast is all wonderful. And I love tulips. I don’t plant them because the deer eat the flowers and leave the stems, which, by themselves, are not photogenic.
    Allergies are an aggravating pain in the a#%. Hope it doesn’t last too much longer.

    • Hey, thanks, Ken. We have whitetail deer here but I think there’s more during early spring for them to eat so they leave the blooms alone.

  9. Hi Earl, I hope you are feeling better very soon!

    I love the poetic title incredibly… The lighting is absolutely stunning and the details of the tulips petals are fantastic. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful image.

  10. We’re in the same club, allergy-wise. I can still do woodwork, though. That would have been terrible, to not be able to work with wood, not like getting the last kiss before the eternal sleep, but anyway. I love that title, I also.

  11. Sorry to hear about your allergies… My husband has been quite miserable as well. Gorgeous tulip though. The light and color is downright seductive!

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