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Stars sometimes do shine during the day

Earl Moore

Spring - like white stars

I’m in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment as I await the next inspiration to form and generate momentum so I’m posting a few more recent spring flower/bloom photos. I’ll try and not make it too many of them. ;-)

Have a tremendous weekend, everyone!

7 Comments on Stars sometimes do shine during the day

  1. Please, please don’t “try and not make it too many”. This is a stunning series. Do you have a special inside track on gorgeous lighting these days? I know what it is. You have discovered some magic pixie dust you are sprinkling on either your camera before shooting, or on the files while you process. Whatever you are doing, it is working like crazy. This is so different from the last one yet has the same power to hold me.

  2. Quite a beautiful flower. Thanks for sharing it Earl.

  3. That’s an incredibly beautiful image! I love the details and textures of the petals. And the colour range from pastel yellow, to green and silvery grey is absolutely beautiful. I can’t get enough of flower and bloom photos, I look forward to your next images.

  4. Martina, you’re very kind. Thank-you.

  5. You go right ahead and post all the flowers you want and I’ll enjoy them all.

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