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I hear music


Music in the Mist

I enjoy listening to music when processing images (or writing blog posts.) Music is a lubricant of my own creative gears. It inspires me, touches emotions and sets a mood. I believe it also has a small but direct influence on how some of my processed images turn out.

I processed this image listening to Adele’s new “21” Album — what a voice, what a talent. If only I could make photos as well as she sings. I believe someone must have broken her heart for this Album — but pain often births beauty and new starts. Still, I’m not sure if I like it as well as her “19” Album but it definitely reflects growth — it may well be one of those you love the more you listen to it.

For this image I felt black and white made the most of the flowing softness of the misty waterfall. I remember standing before it, feeling the vibrations in the rock, while it made its own music.

15 Comments on I hear music

  1. This is a beautiful image, Earl. The B&W conversion has a lot of nice tones and good contrast, but the composition makes this special.

  2. Your conception for this shot has been realized so well! Excellent exposure and processing to come up with such an appealing black and white image.

  3. Very nicely done Earl. A piece of visual music in itself.

  4. To me, nature makes the best music ever! I can be standing in a Rocky Mountain meadow or along a ridge in the Smoky Mountains and hear a complete symphony. It soothes, relaxes, heals and inspires. Love the mood in this image and can almost feel the vibrations over the internet.

  5. This is a wonderful monochrome – I love the textures and softness of the water incredibly. It makes me hear that beautiful waterfall sound…

    • Martina, thank-you. Standing before it there was an interesting contrast to the senses, the visual softness and it’s audible power.

  6. This is a great shot! I especially love the patterns the water forms over the top of the rock shelf.

  7. Congratulations, Earl, this image sings! Exposure time is just right to show movement and evoke the remembrance of the sound, and the patterns that result provide good grounds for wandering with the eye in the image.

    Just yesterday I was listening to Adele 19, but I don’t know her new album yet but I take your statement as an encouragement to get the 21.

  8. Certainly a beautiful image, Earl. I would have to agree that the music that you listen to puts you in a certain mood and that mood is translated to the image through the sliders and brushes that you choose to use.

  9. I have been meaning to check out that album Earl after seeing it on the iTunes charts so high. I was not familiar with her work previously. She has quite a soulful voice, so I will likely end up buying it.

    I have to agree with all the others on this shot. It is quite a stunner. What I like most about it is that you have seemed to have captured the silkiness of the water flow, but at the same time some of the power. I don’t know if you did that in post, or via shutter speed, but I quite like the effect.

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