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Series: Eye-to-Eye, 2

Eye-to-Eye, Emu

Eye-to-Eye, Emu

This Eye-to-Eye image is certainly not a capture of beauty or a strong image in this series. But I decided to post it anyway. This is an Emu standing about 6 fee tall. The Emu is the largest bird native to Australia and can be surprisingly fast.

With available light, this particular Emu appeared to have the “devils eyes” and might I add the temperament to go along with them. Pushy, forward and fearless would all go into describing it’s behavior.

I found it to be scary…I mean, just look at those eyes. For this same reason, I’ll take full responsibility for the focus not being spot on. :-)

10 Comments on Series: Eye-to-Eye, 2

  1. Earl, this guy is definitely scary! And using the S90 you had to come really close – I don’t know if I would have dared to do so. I think I might have hidden behind a nice have 70-300, allowing for some additional meters distance but of course loosing that view into the environment behind the bird.

  2. I got chased by an Emu once… luckily, managed to make a check getaway on the back on a ute. I applaud your bravery!

  3. Not someone who will have a deep conversation with you. LOL

  4. That is one set of evil eyes!

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