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First two days

Yellow on blue

Bright yellow on blue

My first two days of the new job, IT Manager for a local non-profit organization, are under my belt. If I ever entertained any thoughts perhaps things might start a little slow until I got my feet under me, they’ve been wiped from my head by two very busy and productive days. Luckily I’ve found I still retain some technical abilities after a few years of retirement.

I’ve already noted a number of practices that need to be changed or upgraded to make things more effective and ensure the safety/security of information. The trick is going to be getting-it-done with almost no budget. :-)

On the human side of the job, I don’t think I’ve ever met a nicer and more friendly group of people. They’ve all went out of their way to make me feel welcomed. It’s a different work environment then anything I’ve experienced before.

So, this working stuff has made me have to pull a photo from the archives a couple of months back.

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  1. Earl – I love this shot. The flowers are just gorgeous, but that background just blew me away. I also really like how you’ve merged your photography into a blog – very effectively and wonderful how things tie together. I really enjoyed your gallery too.

    All the best in your new job!

    • Martie, Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m sorry for the delay in approving your comment…it “slipped through the cracks” and I just found it today.

  2. They’re lucky to have you and they know it. Glad you still remember the tech’y stuff, not sure I would. :-) And, working on a tight budget is something I do every day. Glad it went well and continues to be a good experience for you.

  3. Congrats on the new job! And this is a great pic to celebrate with – cheerful and bright.

  4. Good to hear that your new job has taken off on a happy note!

  5. your new job sounds challenging and very interesting…. especially coming out of retirement to get back in the harness! I like your archived shot… beautiful flower image.

  6. That optimistic yellow of the flowers goes well with your positive startup report. It sounds like a really good working environment – and then challenges are a much more positive experience than when working under negative circumstances. Of course a tight budget can be difficult when it comes to security considerations, so there is probably a lot of flexibility needed. But the key factor is the climate – if there is mutual trust and understanding, then there will be a way for maybe unconventional solutions.

  7. Well, you pulled out a beauty. Best of luck with that job.

  8. Hi Earl,
    Sounds like you hit the ground running! This color in this photograph is very arresting and caught my attention firmly: yellow on a very interesting blue. Nice.

  9. I agree with the rest, a nice photograph. Of course you still have all of the technical wizardry! You know who I always go to in times of techo-need! The Earl of Salisbury!!! :)

  10. All the best with your new job :)
    Lovely image !

  11. @all: I apprecaite all the comments! Thank-you so much!

  12. love the color harmony here,
    good luck with the new job!

  13. This is a beautiful shot. I only recently (through Paul) found out you were retired. I was jealous, but now you’re back working! I can hardly keep up!

    • Chris, heck, I can’t keep up either. :-)

      Retirement was one of those voluntary layoff choices and I decided to take the package and kick back for a while. But I’m a little too young and had been feeling the need to be productive when this non-profit job presented itself. The timing was right.

  14. Congrats on the job Earl – guess I have been away too long to realize you were headed back with us workin’ folks. :-)

    • Hi Mark, thanks, it happen quickly. A job with a non-profit organization presented itself several weeks ago and boom…here I’ve just finished my first week. :-)

      As I just told Chris above, the timing was right.

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