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Simply Flowers - Let there voices be heard

Simply Flowers - Let their voice be heard

“Fashion, flowers, nudes and portraits – they’re all the same: light, form, color. And mystery. And mystery is very important. When I started photographing flowers, I thought, “My God, where have I been?” I’m totally addicted to this project. I’d never seen the mysteries of a flower. We walk by wonders every day and don’t see them. We only stop at what shouts the loudest.” – Barbara Bordnick – Vision – Lowepro 2004/2005, page 68

A co-project with my wife — she grows beautiful flowers I can’t resist taking photos of, these from our front porch.

7 Comments on Weekend Photo

  1. I totally agree with the quote! I have a whole new appreciation for flowers since moving east of the Mississippi River and seeing plants new to me. Lovely, soft image, Earl! Have a super weekend!

    • Monte, thanks, any time one visits outside the “normal” territory there always seems to be abundant subjects waiting to be photographed. However, we soon become unheeding of things we see so often don’t we?

  2. Flowers are marvelous subjects! This is a beautiful image today. Fine detail and texture.

  3. Good evening Earl,
    An excellent macro composition, pleasant and successful photograph, cheer!

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