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Weekend Photo

Small Flowers

Small Winter Flowers

Something a little different then what I’ve been posting this last week, although, the photo subject matter did come from the same location.

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  1. I like the strong contrast making these flowers stand out so well. Fine blur behind!

    • That strong contrast is what attracts me to this photo as well. While I did burn-in the background a bit, the bokeh is the 24-70mm lens at f/2.8.

  2. I lik this because of the dominating background yet a strong focus on the small flowers. It shows thier significance in nature.

    • Yea, while the background is a very strong element in the photo one’s eyes quickly come back to the flowers and their brightness. Thanks, Monte.

  3. I love the way the “clouds” of those little flowers play off the clouds in the sky. I almost think I can see those flowers in a magnified reflection in the sky. What a lovely image.

    • Anita, thank-you. I agree the background and those tiny white flowers compliment each other — contrasting yet complimentary.

  4. A photograph very purified and of good composition, the tonality perfect thus is successful, cheer!.

  5. An extraordinary clear and quiet image, powerful and bare of any pretenses. I enjoy this purity very much.

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