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Mother Nature, on Spring

Not Spring Yet

Snowfall - Not Spring Yet

Early Breakfast

Breakfast - A Refill Needed

“Mother Nature” made a statement regarding my post of two days ago, “Awaiting Spring.” As you can see from these photos she’s rather blunt in making “her” point of it not being Spring yet but “she” does present a strong case. ;-)

The first photo is the scene from my office window yesterday afternoon and the second photo was this morning looking out at our “bird” feeder as the little creatures seek an easy breakfast.

Luckily, the sun is out this morning and this snow will not last long.

But a very fine point you made, “Mother Nature,” “It’ll be spring when you say it’s spring — that’s final!” :-)

14 Comments on Mother Nature, on Spring

  1. I know that March is one of the months with the most snowfall, and wettest, so we have a good chance of getting more. Not sure about your records out there but there seems to have been a lot of snow for the Carolinas this year. I arrived here in Colorado on Sunday and it was snowing but the past 3 days have been sunny.

  2. Another “spring” snow! I like the squirrel eyeing you. They jump up in a bush near the window and beg for nuts around here (which I provide). I think I’ve got them trained, but in reality I’m the one trained!

    • D0n, thanks, that’s the way it is with animals we end up catering to their needs and then think we have them trained. An Alien from outer-space seeing the situation for the first time would see it as you said, “We’re the ones trained.” :-)

  3. you know…Mother Nature does have a way of making you know…that all things are on HER schedule…but it does make a great picture! Happy Picture Taking!

  4. We have enjoyed quite a few days of sunshine around here, the snow is slowly melting. We certainly didn’t get hit like the rest of the nation , but it sure seems like it has been a long winter – since November practically.

    I know it isn’t over yet. Mother Nature has dumped snow on us in May – she has a funny sense of humor that way. She definitely likes to keep us guessing.

    • Around the end of March perhaps the first week of April is the latest we usually get snow here, but then this hasn’t been a normal year so who knows. I see from the forecast that by this weekend we may have a couple of days when it’s suppose to reach 60F. It’s been two and a half to three months since we’ve seen that — where’s my shorts and tee-shirts! ;-)

  5. Still looks like Winter !
    Beautiful images !

  6. very nice compositions with color

  7. This does seem like the winter that wouldn’t end! My goodness, it snowed in Charleston, SC for the first time in 10 years. I couldn’t believe that we had snow on Tuesday in Charlotte. It didn’t stick, but it was still pretty amazing that it did snow. We’ve had 3 or 4 snowfalls. That’s certainly not much by northern standards, but hey, this is the Carolinas! Make sure you keep feeding those critters!

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