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Imagination and Reality

Late Season Grapes

Often that photo you’ve imagine in your minds eye before arriving on location and the reality presented after arriving, are only slightly related.

Earlier this year I visited a local vineyard and in my mind I’d preplanned some of the shots I thought I’d like to make. One of those plans included a shot down a grape ladened vineyard row, focusing on bunches of plump round ripe grapes hanging heavily from the vines while the row fades off into the distance.

My intentions were good, but my knowledge and experience of grapes and the wine industry were lacking. The grapes I found were clearly past their prime with the vines looked somewhat the worst for wear. I made this photo but it’s not the one I imagined in my head.

Mark Graf today related his own recent experience of photographic imagination vs. reality during his recent adventures in Alaska photographing bears.

Mark’s reality bear photo is scores better then my reality grape photo, hands down! But then, no one was ever mauled by a grape. ;-)

2 Comments on Imagination and Reality

  1. You know Earl, all things considered; I much prefer a photo that depicts reality. The grape leaves have served well all summer so by October, they have earned their torn and tattered scars. Those images they use for wine advertising have to be staged if the leaves look as good as the grapes at harvest time.

  2. @Steve Skinner – I guess we usually imagine things a little “better” then they really are. I do agree that often the “imperfections” make a photo.

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