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6 Comments on Weekend Photo

  1. Now that is a nice image and I love the title. It’s images like these that inspire me to continue along this journey in photography. Have a good Sunday!

  2. What a sunset, I wouldn’t mind being on that sail boat, not at all… A nice detail is the lanterns, which you captured very well. Look at the green one’s (at the steer) reflection in the water.

  3. Monte, looking at this photo I could image a story of four close friends out for a day on the boat. Time slips by and as the day draws to a close they make a run back home while sharing the final moments on deck. Somehow the title seemed obvious. :-)

  4. Ove, thanks! That green light/lanterns reflection was a surprise. When I took the photo I didn’t notice it but during post-processing it was a treasure discovered. Now I think it makes the photo.

  5. What an outstanding photo and suggests all sorts of intriguing stories. That quote is a knockout.

  6. @Anita: Thanks!

    You’re right about the stories. Perhaps these people were returning from dumping the body of their X business partner at sea after he caught them embezzling funds from the company, and I’ve got photographic evidence. :-0

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