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The Blues

Black Dog Blues 1Yesterday, we attended the Back Dog Wine and Blues Festival at Chateau Morrisette Winery, Meadows of Dan near Floyd, VA. It turned out to be a full and fun day with neat perfect weather.

Black Dog Blues 2Coated in Sunblock 70, I didn’t suffer any sunburn but others in our small group didn’t fair as well. I’ll never forget the first music festival I attended in the mountains at Chateau Morrisette and the severe case of sunburn/sun poisoning I ended up with–never again!

Black Dog Blues 3Yesterday was the largest crowd at one of these events I’ve seen–perhaps because it was their first festival of the year and the weather was so nice. The hillside of the outdoor music theater was well covered and all day there seemed to be a queue for tasting and purchasing wine. While mostly an adult event there were some children enjoying the music, food and mountain environment. The food we sampled was excellent and I believe there was a wide enough selection to meet almost anyones taste.

Music for the event was provided by the Allison King Band followed by headliner Eric Lindell.

Black Dog Blues 4During one of the musical breaks we began to hear the sound of a jazz trumpet dancing lightly across the hillside. After a few moments we discovered the source to be an elderly gentleman in the crowd who brought his own instrument.

Black Dog Blues 5A couple of songs into Eric Lindell’s next set, after the break, and this same gentleman began making his way to the stage where he proceeded to join in with Eric’s group–although unplanned he was excellent and his trumpet sounded great with the group. The crowd was really getting into it–the elderly gentleman was later introduced as Dr. Jack Young.

Black Dog Blues 6As a final surprise, before Dr. Young returned to his seat, he stepped up to the microphone and did an excellent impression of Louis Armstrong singing “When the Saints Go Marching In“.

It was an amazing moment which completely stole the show and had the crowd cheering! It was one of those inspiring moments you remember a long time.

Note: The next music event at Chateau Morrisette is the Black Dog Wine and Jazz Festival on August 8th, 2009.

5 Comments on The Blues

  1. What a great story. Don’t we all treasure those very special moments that sometimes occur during such events? I have some of those I have mentally re-played and savored dozens of times. You will be enjoying this all week. Thanks for letting us in on it.

  2. What an interesting event to enjoy. I liked the comment and the spontaneous happenings like the elderly trumpet player joining the group. Fine post.

  3. Anita: You’re right about enjoying it all this week—I certainly have/will. :-)

  4. Don: Yes, it’s those spontaneous pleasures that are often the spice of life. Thanks!

  5. Wow, a combo festival of two if my favorite things. I am envious. Sounds like it wa a great time.

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