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Nikon D300/D700, setting up hands free bracketing burst

Life ReturnsThis is an oldie but a goodie for me. :-)

I searched today for a YouTube video on setting up a Nikon Dxxx camera to do hands free bracketing burst. I’d previously set this up on my D300 but wanted to be sure I didn’t forget any of the settings on my D700.

This function is useful if you want to do multiple images with varying exposures for merging in Photoshop or for HDR. You can auto-bracket up to 9 stops  (-4 to +4) with up to 9 individual shots.

Works great when shooting with a tripod.

While the video is made using a Nikon D300 it works just as well on the D700.

Photo: Life Returns – A patch of young trees presents the bright green glow of spring. The trees, being small, allow enough light to reach the forest floor so ground growth is abundantly green as well. Taken at a wooded park near Salisbury, NC.

5 Comments on Nikon D300/D700, setting up hands free bracketing burst

  1. That is a truly fabulous photograph, with such a balance of light and shadow play. I can only dream of a D700, and the lottery win that would allow me to buy one! ha ha

  2. A fine image with that wonderful back light transforming the trees into a beautiful scene.
    A very appealing shot.

  3. Charlotte // 6 May ’09 at 1:39 pm // Reply


    Great pic I have the D700 and am amazed at the quality of my shots, I have the D300 too and that is now taking a back seat I just can’t put the 700 down I only use the 300 when I need more length ie. wildlife shots :)

  4. @Charlotte: Thanks. Besides wildlife photos, I’ve found that the D300 is also good for macro photography due to slightly higher pixel density and the 1.5x crop factor. I think both camera compliment each other well. :-)

  5. But do you know how to do multiple images in one shoot with Nikon D700.

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