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Springing up!

A new startToday, after several cloudy and rainy days, the sun was out bright with temperatures in the 70’s. If there was ever a day for “Spring Fever” it was today.

So, I took my allergy medicine, grabbed my camera gear and headed to a local woodland trail to see if I could capture signs of spring. As you can see spring has sprung. The rain, while washing out the beauty of some flowers and buds, entices other green growth.

This two hour stroll down wooded path was indeed a treat.

Spring Blooms I had my Nikon 105mm Micro lens with me but ended up shooting these close-ups using my Tamron 28-300mm. The Tamron lens is listed as a micro lens but I’ve seldom utilized it that way. Looking at the results today it’s not as sharp as the Nikon 105mm, but will certainly do in a pinch.

I didn’t bring a tripod along for this walk and some of these photos had me down on knees and elbows in the wet leaves with my butt in the air. Not my best side I’m sure. :-)

I also used my ultra-wide Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens. Each time I mount this lens I’m amazed how much I like it. Something about it brings out creativity.

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  1. those green leaves separated by the shallow dof produce a beautiful and poetic image

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