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A Dry Spell


I’m into one of those periods where I struggle to find anything to post about. My day-to-day life is not providing any great stories or keen insights and most of the technical news on the Internet is boring, at least to me.

I have these uninspired periods periodically and I try to let them sort themselves out without fretting or stressing out on my part. However, I would rather post at least every other day so when a few days go by without a post I feel the urgency to get things moving forward again. Especially when I don’t feel the posts I am doing are up to par.

I suspect that these uninspired periods are in part related to mood swings I’ve experienced most of my life. The mood swings have become less severe then they use to be. In the past, on the down swing, I suspect I’ve bordered on depression.

I hesitate to go with that self diagnosis because I believe depression is one of those catch all diagnosis that can be overused these days. The drug companies would love for us all to be depressed! I’m certain you can be sad or mellow without being depressed.

It’s complicated and I’m honestly not sure where that defining cross-over point is from sadness to depression. It’s probably defined, I’m just not aware of it.

It doesn’t help the situation that I’m also terrible introspective and if not watchful tend to rehash the past for what often seems like forever.

Sounds like I need to get a life doesn’t it! ;-)

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  1. Yeah, it does seem like depression is a catch-all diagnosis these days. I don’t doubt that a lot of people are though. I’ve felt that way myself from time to time over the past few years. And I’m very wary of how eager the drug companies are to treat it. I’m the sort who avoids any unnecessary medicine if at all possible. I think the brain is a pretty underestimated and misunderstood thing. A lot (not all) of it is about moods and outlook. But I’m no doctor.. don’t even play one on TV.

    I’ve been without internet service at home for 3 weeks now, so I’m angry more than depressed. ;) But it does provide a semi-convenient excuse to not post (and surf more at work). :) Hopefully it’s going to be up and running tonight or tomorrow night and I plan on renewing my blogging strategy. It’s been very soggy posting for quite a while now. I plan on doing a better job of it soon.

    Lots of times I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and not heading in any direction in many areas of my life. Gotta get out of that mindset.. soon. I ain’t getting any younger. :)


  2. Three weeks without Internet at home…I’d be more then angry! ;-)

  3. Well, as you know, I’ve not had much to say on my blog lately, nor have I had much enthusiasm for photography, which is unusual. I think that there are just those rough patches that we go through that take a lot of our energy.

    One thing for sure, rehashing the past does no good. The past is nothing but a thought … that’s it. All of those shoulda, woulda, coulda thoughts drain a lot from us.

    I get moody, too. Sometimes more than others. I’m to the point now where I can admit it. The other week my wife asked me if I was moody; I told her, yes! I had no idea why my mood had shifted. It just did!

    I understand your desire to post even when you don’t have anything to say. I get that too but am learning to just let it go and do something else. :-)

  4. @Paul: What with you facing a new job, new place and missing the family, I can easily understand your energy and enthusiasm levels being low.

  5. I think we’re leading parallel lives. :) I’ve been a bit blah for a while now myself and while I don’t (text) blog, it’s been tough getting out for new photos or finding motivation to go through old ones to post.

    For me at least, getting it out there to other people usually helps… hope so for you too (and thanks for giving me the opportunity).

    And no, it doesn’t sound like you need to get a life. Probably just think a little less (pot, kettle, etc.). :)

  6. @Ron: You’re no doubt right about needing to think a little less!
    Take care and may this dry spell be short for both of us. ;-)

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