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Planning What I Should Take?

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I’ve spent time today thinking what I want to take with me on our upcoming Alaska trip. I’m starting to put together a list so I don’t miss anything and to also make it easy to weed out those things I don’t seriously need.


During a discussion the other night my wife, Bonnie, half jokingly said I might want to consider some clothes as to this point my list consisted of mostly photography and computer gadgets.

- By the way, that was a great suggestion and I’ve since added clothing to my list. ~wink~

While I’m keen to get some great photo’s and I’m really looking forward to the experience, I also want this to be a real vacation for Bonnie and I. Photos are great but it’s not all there is.

I’ve told Bonnie she needs to be sure and let me know if during this trip I become too “consumed” with taking photos. She said that wouldn’t be a problem. ;-)


After all, memories capture the texture, sights, sounds and smells the way no photo could.

I could only hope that my photos would be good enough to act as a key unlocking the best of those memories.

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