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Nikon D3: Keeping the gadget beast confined

I subscribe to Shutterbug magazine and included in the just received plastic wrapped February ’08 issue was a very sexy and large fold-out poster of Nikon’s new D3 DSLR camera.

On one side of this poster is a detailed scene of sports bike racing with a ultra-fast looking yellow and black bike leaned over to the extreme, clearly in the lead, with sparks showering back from the riders’ knee pad shield.

On the flip side is a large image of a D3, centered with other D3s arranged in a flowered pattern around it. The background is black and lettering is that yellow of the sport bike.

Everything about this poster says sexy, tough, fast and powerful. The ad text on the D3 side of the poster reads, “The Nikon D3 is here. Do the undoable.”

This Nikon poster/ad touches all the buttons that certainly make a struggling to become better photographer and gadget geek like myself lust for a quick fix.

The honest truth’s that I know my photos would not improve with the D3. There’s already a gap between my Nikon D200’s capabilities and my own capabilities.

It’s far better for me to keep practicing and improving my knowledge and skills with what I have then to move the bar still higher with a better tool/gadget.

Maturity sucks sometimes. ;-)

7 Comments on Nikon D3: Keeping the gadget beast confined

  1. Well, call me and immature gadget freak! The only thing that I spend my hard earned $$$ on is camera stuff. I have my D3 on order. I have no idea when I’ll get it, but I’ll certainly write about it when I do. Also, I have absolutely no reason or justification for buying it, other than wanting a full-frame camera.

    BTW, I got the same poster with my Outdoor Photographer magazine this month. Perhaps Nikon should make a few more units before advertising so heavily! :-)

    Nope, my photos will not improve, either.

  2. Paul,

    Well color me emerald green.

    Congratulations, you’re going to have to keep working now. ;-)

    I’m sure it’s going to be a fine piece of equipment. Hopefully it won’t be too long until you get it.

  3. Just an hour ago got the call that my D3 has arrived. I justified it by saying my D200 will be an excellent back up camera! :)

    Btw, there’s a great video of them shooting that ad shot with the motorcyles.

  4. Steve,
    If I may ask, where did you order your D3 and how long ago did you order it?

  5. most people missed the “impressive” feature of that picture… i wasnt the picture so much as to how it was shot. Nikon was showing off the latitude of the camera..that shot was done at 6400 iso!! and at 1/5000 of a shutter!!

    now…think about that and how that shot looked…thats impressive

  6. Bruce Scott // 1 Jul ’08 at 12:01 pm // Reply

    If you have the money and you are serious about your craft, why not buy the absolute best tools to use? Sure you can use a D200 or even a D80 like I am currently shooting with, but I can’t wait until I have the money to purchase a D3. I will suffer no regrets from what I have seen of its features. It WILL make anyone a better photographer, if you just learn how to use all of the features.

    Go for it !

  7. @Bruce:

    Yes, equipment can certainly make someones photo’s better but it’s not the be all or end all of a good photographer. I’m sure there have been many terrible shots take with a D3 as well. ;-)

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