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Meandering Passage: 2007 Reflections

The end of another year and a time to reflect.

Personal Highlights -

My step-daughter married a nice young man and they are building a wonderful life together. My step-son has graduated from college and has been a successful member of the working population this year.

My daughter graduated from college and is looking forward to exploring her future. My son, who was living in Florida, is back in North Carolina and on occasion is talking about perhaps continuing his education. I’m hoping he’ll take that step…ummm, in a reasonable manner.

On a sad note, my mother-in-law passed away this year and that loss still weighs heavy on our hearts. Only time can lessen the pain as it slowly dulls the memories.

My own mother celebrated her 87th birthday in August and while she has many physical ailments she continues to have a sharp mind and easy smile.

This Blog -

Concerning Meandering Passage (MP), there’s been different styles, materials and personal observations during 2007. At times, posts were totally technical news and other times consisted mainly of personal observations. I know this violates most of the accepted rules for growing a successful blog but then I guess it all comes down to how you define success.

I’m still evaluating what direction I want to take Meandering Passage next year and I’ve been reviewing some of the 2007 statistics.


In 2007 there was an average of one post per day and comments were up over 400% compared to 2006.

The average length of the 2007 posts was 2284 characters, with a total length of approximately 818,000 characters.

A change of tracking services in 2007 prevents me from gathering statistics for the whole year. However, I do have second half numbers.


I feel like it was a good year for MP and I’m hoping 2008 will see it to continue to grow and mature.

Wrap-Up -

May this new year be kind to us all. A special thank-you goes out to everyone who visited this site during 2007. I do appreciate you!

I hope to see you back here in 2008 and feel free to bring your friends.

Happy New Year!

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