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Thoughts on linking

I’ve been thinking about the topic of linking. If you’ve been blogging or reading blogs for long you’ve no doubt seen the subject bantered about. Those who do and those who don’t.

In it’s mechanical form a link (Hyperlink) is a navigational element in a post or document that when selected by the user brings the referred information to the user. It’s part of the foundation of the Internet and is used to tie things together and to make navigation simple as well as convenient.

However, in blogging you quickly come to find out that a link is so much more. Links are used to determine popularity and expertise. Site rankings on sites such as Technorati and in most search engines are calculated based at least in part by the number of inbound links. Links are seen by some as power. Due to this view, some bloggers use links like they were gold. They hang on to them and cash them in very infrequently and often only with friends or those they feel can help them.

Here’s how I view linking. A link for me is like a gentleman’s handshake. It’s a sign of acknowledgment and respect. It’s also my chance to vote or communicate on what I feel is worthwhile. It may also be a chance to pass on some information I discovered that could of been overlooked by someone else. It’s my contribution to be a productive part of the machine.

My linking is not influenced by the popularity of the site or person I’m linking to.

I’ve added a new page to “Meandering Passage” call “Links.” You will find it in the Page Menu at the upper right corner of the site. It’s the top site’s that have been “LINKED TO” from Meandering Passage posts. This list is the output of a WordPress Plug-in call “Link Harvest” and it will automatically update as I post.

I encourage everyone to link freely.

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