Microsoft Zune doesn’t have the “Kool” factor

//Microsoft Zune doesn’t have the “Kool” factor

Everyone is writing and reviewing the Microsoft Zune. I’ve written several post previously on the subject and had decided to not write any additional post with the Zune’s introduction. However, there is one point that can’t be ignored. The Zune is ugly and totally uncool, even in a geek sort of way.¬† Microsoft totally missed the “kool” and stylish factor, and that is an important part of Apple’s success with the iPod.¬† Maybe not to everyone, but to a large percentage of the younger population.¬† Those who hate Apple and the iPod will buy the Zune as a protest, but not because it’s more stylish.

» CNN makes it official; Zune is ugly | George Ou |
New York Times Andrew Ross did a review of the new Microsoft Zune on CNN’s morning show that might as well have written Zune’s obituary.¬† Ross attempted to be as fair to the Zune as possible but nothing could save the Zune if it failed the ultimate test of a successful music/video player.¬† Questions like “why is it so clunky” or “why couldn’t Microsoft get some decent design people” shows that the Zune is something that fashion conscious people wouldn’t be caught dead holding.

I’ve heard that “Ugly Betty” has been a TV success but I don’t think “Ugly Zune” will get the same reviews.¬† But then maybe Microsoft was shooting for a “it’s so ugly it’s kool” reaction?

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