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Free Mac OS X Font Management

Do you have a lot of Fonts for your Mac OS X computer and would like a easy way to manage them?  Do you not want to spend a lot for this ability but still want an application with a lot of good features? Then you should check out the Linotype Font Explorer for OS X.
Neurofuzzy says:

Linotype Font Explorer X is a godsend for those of us with too many fonts, and too little time. I’m a switcher, and with OS X came the ability to use Truetype fonts in all your applications. So, I was able to use the oodles of fonts I’ve collected over the years. The application itself kind of reminds me of iTunes. It’s obvious they took a lot of ideas from it and applied to fonts what iTunes does for music.

A stroke of genius, I think. It has a lot of great features that allow you to create groups, and “smart sets” (see iTunes smart playlists) that group fonts you tag with certain keywords. They’ve even got a built-in online font store (now why didn’t I think of that?) It’s super easy to activate and deactivate fonts and groups, and it’s almost fun to browse and preview your fonts.

Mac OS X Font Management for Free – neurofuzzy, flash game development, rich internet applications, free source code – *alt.neurotica.fuzzy*

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