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GTD: OK, I’ll bite

I’d read Getting Things Done by David Allen a couple years ago and thought it was interesting. However, I never directly adopted his process but did take note of quickly sorting and prioritizing incoming email/task and acting in a timely manner. I didn’t know if I had what it takes to be one of the GTD followers, so I didn’t “drink the coolaid”.

Now I’ve been using OmniOutliner Pro for over a year and really like the application. You may wonder what this has to do with GTD. Well, I was reading Merlin Mann’s post at 43Folders on “Three cool tricks in Kinkless GTD” and it peaked my interest again. Since I’ve some knowledge of the GTD process, own and use OmniOutliner, and Kinkless GTD is free, I’ve decided to give GTD a try. I’ve installed kGTD and am in the process of sorting through my current tasks for entry.

This should be a learning experience. I’m still not sure I have the mental makeup for GTD but I want to give it a good effort. Along the way I’ll have some impressions to share as a “newbie” of kGTD.

If you have any suggestions or hints on the best way to get started..please share.

Note: 43Folders has information on how to get a 25% discount on OmniOutliner during the month of June 06.

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