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Posted on 9 Feb ’06 by Earl Moore

I sat down last night and diagramed my home computer network. I‚Äôm amazed at how much larger the network appears when diagrammed. The network’s been added to it a little at a time so my perceptions were of small ‚Äúbits‚Äù. The diagram made me view it as a whole. I knew it was getting large because the driving force for the diagram was to help me remember the fixed IP addresses.

I use a cable modem for my Internet access which is connected to a Linksys Wireless (802.11g) Router/Firewall that has 4 10/100 ports. This is in turn connected to a Linksys 5 Port 1 Gigabit Workgroup Switch that I use as a network backbone. In addition to the router, I’ve three computers and a printer connected to the 1G switch.

PowermacThe computers connected to this switch consist of a 2×2.7ghz PowerMac, a Mac Cube, and a Windows 3.2ghz P4. The printer is a Konica/Minolta 2430 DL network printer. There are also a Windows 1.4ghz P3 and a Mac PowerBook 1.5ghz that connect to the network using the 801.11g wireless connection which is WEP protected.

In addition I also have a 40gb FTP device connected to the Firewall/Router which I can access from the Internet. I use this to upload and/or download data when I’m away from home.

What type of unique networks do you have at home?

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  1. home wireless network printers 8 Mar ’08 at 1:17 pm

    …when you need documentation for your home network it’s time to ether:

    1) decommission stuff or
    2) (the more geeky way) start experimenting with network monitoring tools.

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