Along the way, 65

If you’re a believer in the theory of evolution then all life originated in the ocean/sea. I put forth there also might be an argument made that the love of nomadic living also originated in the ocean as the above far, far, far distant cousin of an “RV’er” in the photo above might demonstrate. :-)

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Along the way, 64

Maggie loves walking in the surf along the beach and wading deeper at a sandbar where the beach comes to a point and the water remains shallow well out from shore. Of course she usually gets a walk at least once per day and these photos represent a few of the sights from one of these walks. From the beach access point we normally walk toward the more deserted end of the beach eastward...

North Myrtle Beach and Training

Perhaps it's not the best of times to do a blog post after being awake most of the night with Maggie trying to find a hiding place in our bed as thunderstorms and rain pelted the area. She was trembling and shaking so badly it felt like one of those old vibrating beds with an unlimited supply of quarters. Do you remember those beds?

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