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Through the fog

… Winter trees can often look harsh without leaves but the fog and early morning lighting, in this case, softened the effect, displaying a pleasing composition. …

Recent weather and photography as art

The end and beginning of years are often times of reflection….

1st Year

October and December 2012 we celebrated the birth of grandchildren, George and Lily. This year in October and December we celebrated their 1st birthdays…

Selfie: Oxford word of the year and duty fulfilled

This blog has been around since 2006 but in 2009 I began the tradition of doing a self portrait — one per year. You’ll seldom see photos of me on here at any other time.


2013-2014 North Carolina Cyclo-Cross Race #9, Salisbury NC

Temperatures in the lower thirties, a misty cold rain, 5-10 mph wind and plenty of mud…great conditions it seems for Race #9 of the 2013-2014 North Carolina Cyclo-Cross (NCCX) Series held at a local community park here in Salisbury, NC today.

A foggy morning…

…but still a good day for a walk.


The last of the leaves this fall

I find I enjoy late autumn, when everything has a brownish color cast, more then earlier autumn when there is a green color cast — perhaps because it brings back good…

Amid the autumn changes

The forest and woods have changed dramatically here in the last week — from leaves with only spotty colors to a full blaze of color and now…

2014 church calendar photo time

I recently completed photographing the provided list of supporting churches for the 2014 Rowan Helping Ministries Calendar. This is the third year…

A long time…Autumn is here.

Can it really have been so long since I’ve posted…yes, no doubt. Still the days come and go. Life continues on and the season has changed to the pleasantness of autumn…