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Near, medium and far

It’s a fact when photographing I can get lost in the details of framing up-close or abstract compositions to the determent of the “larger” picture. I’ve found this trait in myself a little unexpected…

Different views to the last page of many a great story

Graveyards are interesting, peaceful and for me somehow reassuring — the last page of many a great story. Contemplating the markers, I wonder about the experiences of each of the represented lives and how they chose to spend the moments they had…

Gradually, then suddenly…

I imagine all towns and cities have one—that slightly eccentric, often misunderstood resident who doesn’t quite match society’s standard….

Eastern North Carolina weekend adventure

My wife, Bonnie, and I had the pleasure of spending this past weekend in eastern North Caroline with fellow blogger and photographer Tom Dills and his wife Kathy. A pleasant and relaxing adventure…

…they all ate

For two years I worked part-time as I.T. Manager at Rowan Helping Ministries and I continue to volunteer my time as a photographer to them whenever they have a need.

Last week was the organizations’ annual volunteer appreciation banquet where a few moments are taken to honor and say thank-you to the “army” of daily volunteers…

Nikon D600 body received back from service

I received my Nikon D600 camera body back from Nikon service today. I had shipped it to them on February 26th so about 13 days turnaround, including shipping.

Pre-Spring Maintenance

Several years ago Bonnie and I splurged on a vehicle most would consider having very little practical value. We were looking for something which in a few moments of free time could give us a sense of freedom, a conduit for quickly and momentarily releasing daily stress…a mini-mental vacation if you will.