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Sunrise with Moon?

There is actually a crescent Moon in this photo...although it's a little hard to see at this size. [...]

5 Jun ’14 // 8 Comments

North Carolina Mountains – a good place to stand

"A good photograph is knowing where to stand." ~~ Ansel Adams Mr. Adams may have been speaking of finding the best perspective for any given scene but I'll interpret his statement loosely, if you don't find a good photo where you're currently at relocate to a location which inspires you. [...]

28 May ’14 // 13 Comments

Spring day reflections

It's hard not to be captivated by reflections upon water when experiencing a beautiful sunny spring day -- with deep blue sky and a few wispy white clouds. [...]

22 May ’14 // 1 Comment

Not the party pooper

If you're lucky sometimes a service you're asked to do also turn out to be fun. This past weekend I had the opportunity to photograph a charity party/auction held at a local private home. The event ran... [...]

6 May ’14 // 4 Comments

Canola fields

Over the last few years I've been seeing more and more of these bright yellow fields growing on farms in central North Carolina and with a little research found the crop to be Canola (CANadian Oil - Low Acid) / Rapeseed. [...]

29 Apr ’14 // 3 Comments

Ode to spring — as I see it

This collection of images will serve as my ode to spring this year. They were all made on the same day, this past Saturday, three of them beautiful flowers Bonnie is growing and the rest from a nearby park where Maggie and I did our daily walk. [...]

13 Apr ’14 // 11 Comments

House of beauty

You should always have an objective eye and notice where there might be a disconnected. [...]

9 Apr ’14 // 7 Comments

Near, medium and far

It's a fact when photographing I can get lost in the details of framing up-close or abstract compositions to the determent of the "larger" picture. I've found this trait in myself a little unexpected... [...]

7 Apr ’14 // 8 Comments

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