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…they all ate

For two years I worked part-time as I.T. Manager at Rowan Helping Ministries and I continue to volunteer my time as a photographer to them whenever they have a need.

Last week was the organizations’ annual volunteer appreciation banquet where a few moments are taken to honor and say thank-you to the “army” of daily volunteers…

Nikon D600 body received back from service

I received my Nikon D600 camera body back from Nikon service today. I had shipped it to them on February 26th so about 13 days turnaround, including shipping.

Pre-Spring Maintenance

Several years ago Bonnie and I splurged on a vehicle most would consider having very little practical value. We were looking for something which in a few moments of free time could give us a sense of freedom, a conduit for quickly and momentarily releasing daily stress…a mini-mental vacation if you will.

Nikon D600 Technical Service Advisory

I dropped my Nikon D600 body off at UPS this afternoon in regards to a Nikon Technical Service Advisory for all users of the D600. This service advisory includes the inspection, cleaning and replacement of the shutter assembly and related parts, FREE OF CHARGE as well as the cost of shipping the D600 camera to Nikon and its return.

Storm Front

A stormfront blew through here this morning. We were lucky in that we received only rain, a little wind and some distant rumbling of thunder.

Winter scenes

Snow, sleet and ice continued last night and into today. It’s a big winter storm for around here but as Paul M. pointed out in comments on my previous post the weather forecast is predicting 70º F in about a week so perhaps it’s made even more beautiful knowing it will not last very long.

Watching it snow

The major wave of the east coast winter storm begins to roll into North Carolina — here at Salisbury, perhaps 4-8 inches of snow tonight followed by the dreadful ice…

Give and Take

Many times upon importing photos to Lightroom I’ve wondered what it was I saw, or thought I saw, at the moment of shutter release. The personal visions…


Another European trip may be on the horizon for this summer. It’s still in the early planning phase but I’m trying to decide what camera kit to take.