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Positive vs. negative

Since she first joined our family, Maggie has been a puller. As a rescue, she seems to always be in a hurry to get somewhere and it's often somewhere she shouldn't be. As she grew into her full, leggy 65-70 pounds, this became a problem too great for the control ability of a standard dog collar and leash.

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VanLeigh RV/Vilano: A Quality Experience

“There is a spiritual aspect to our lives – when we give, we receive – when a business does something good for somebody, that somebody feels good about them!” ~Ben Cohen, Co-Founder Ben & Jerry’s

Gotta have an ending…

If you’ve been following Meandering Passage of late, you know Earl and I are in the process of dismantling our old life and preparing to start anew. It’s a monumental task and one we both wish would be over sooner than later. But many sleepless nights and frantic walks in the park have jolted me into realizing what’s happening here —

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