Fixing or building things.

The wide view

I use to believe (or perhaps hoped) there would come a day when I would know all there was to know about myself and with that full insight I'd have a clear path mapped out for the future. Now as I reach my mid-sixties I realize how wrong I was to believe that nonsense.

Don’t sweat the small stuff — fix it.

Now that we’ve lived in the Vilano coach for a while, I've identified a couple of small things to improve upon or change up to fit our personal wishes. Luckily sitting parked here in Texas for a month has provided both the weather and time to get things done.

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RV Water heater sacrificial anode replacement

While at Sikeston, MO, I checked the water heater anode rod in our 5th Wheel RV. A sacrificial anode rod is a rod made of Magnesium, Aluminum or a combination of Aluminum, Zinc and Tin which in simple terms diverts corrosive action away from the tank walls and onto itself. As the name sacrificial indicates, the anode rod will slowly corrode away by chemical reaction as it protects the rest of the tank.

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