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Besides feeling almost like attending your own wake, there's the realization those objects are nothing special and could represent anyone's life... [...]

28 Jan ’15 // 3 Comments

It begins

I'm writing this from a RV park about 12 miles from our house. We packed our RV this past week and then moved today [...]

25 Jan ’15 // 12 Comments

The first meal

Since the furnace is working we shared our first meal/lunch in the 5th Wheel not prepared in it but at least eaten in it. [...]

15 Jan ’15 // 4 Comments

Our 5th Wheel Home

A couple of posts ago I introduced our truck choice for a towing vehicle. This post introduces our future home, the 5th Wheel trailer that is to be towed. [...]

14 Jan ’15 // 16 Comments

Our 5th Wheel tow vehicle

An introductory post of our 5th Wheel trailer will follow a little later -- when I have it set up at the house and have taken inside photos. This post introduces our towing vehicle and some of the additions I've made to it... [...]

3 Jan ’15 // 14 Comments


Sometimes you find the right song to fit a situation and sometimes someone finds it for you! [...]

2 Jan ’15 // 4 Comments

The last of 2014

Previous year end posts on this blog have been written wondering if the coming new year will bring substantial changes. This year, there's no doubt of immense changes for us in 2015. For the last couple of months... [...]

31 Dec ’14 // 5 Comments

Photography’s Role?

I’m envisioning photography to be a means of documenting the mobile lifestyle as well as some of the interesting sights in the areas we visit. But my perspective on it... [...]

27 Dec ’14 // 6 Comments

Check — Truck and Trailer Together

If after mid-February '15 you should be driving the highways of the United States and meet or pass a truck and trailer which looks something like the one above give it a wave (and plenty of room) might be us. [...]

19 Dec ’14 // 6 Comments

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