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Getting out to look

We found this Poinsettia Bush in a local park during one of our morning walks. Only a few of the leaves had turned this dramatic scarlet red, although there was hints of a subdued purplish-red in some of the others leaves... ...One of the tips repeatedly mention when maneuvering in uncertain territory is to use the GOAL (Get Out And Look) method. Funny how that's an analogy to what we're doing in our lives at this point -- finding ourselves in uncertain territory, we're getting out to look! [...]

13 Nov ’14 // 11 Comments

Nothing is so good it lasts eternally

There's some tough decisions being made here. My Hackintosh desktop computer with it's two wonderful monitors will be left behind and I'm selling all my Nikon camera gear... [...]

7 Nov ’14 // 10 Comments

Gotta have an ending…

If you’ve been following Meandering Passage of late, you know Earl and I are in the process of dismantling our old life and preparing to start anew. It’s a monumental task and one we both wish would be over sooner than later. But many sleepless nights and frantic walks in the park have jolted me into realizing what’s happening here — [...]

4 Nov ’14 // 5 Comments

2015 Church Calendar Photo Project

A couple of weeks ago I completed photographing churches for the 2015 Rowan Helping Ministries Calendar. This is the fourth and probably final year for me doing this project. [...]

2 Nov ’14 // 2 Comments

Ending the old and beginning the new

We've acquired our new home. We picked up the truck last week and this week we settled on a 39' 5th Wheel RV trailer which is still being prepped. I've been researching and reading about RV living, towing and making the transition. [...]

1 Nov ’14 // 12 Comments

The next chapter…landing the plane

Recently I've written a number of posts on the subject of Bonnie and me wanting to relocate, to change our lives somehow, to discover more about ourselves and learn more about the world around us. We find ourselves in a period of transition -- not quite old enough to fully retire and not mentally ready or willing to just wait until we are. [...]

28 Oct ’14 // 20 Comments

Meandering Passage gets new magazine format

I've changed the visual format of Meandering Passage. This blog has had many lives and looks since 2006 -- it's been an Internet/Mac Technical Blog, a Photographic Blog and a Personal Journal Blog, only to mention a few. I felt I needed a way to separate and display the history of the different content and perhaps a "magazine" style would best do that. I'll continue to work out the bugs and to make it feel warmer and friendlier. [...]

27 Oct ’14 // 11 Comments


During my time for morning walks I'm often surprised at what topic or event my mind will begin to process with each step. I am prone to let thoughts wander and self select, hopefully allowing those to surface which are most relevant to me at that moment. [...]

16 Oct ’14 // 12 Comments

Illuminated Moment

You can always amend a big plan, but you can never expand a little one. [...]

11 Oct ’14 // 7 Comments

Fall getaway, 2014

This past weekend it was off to the North Carolina Mountains at the invitation of friends to join them in their mountain cabin. It's a little less then a three hour drive [...]

7 Oct ’14 // 4 Comments

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