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The next chapter…landing the plane

Recently I've written a number of posts on the subject of Bonnie and me wanting to relocate, to change our lives somehow, to discover more about ourselves and learn more about the world around us. We find ourselves in a period of transition -- not quite old enough to fully retire and not mentally ready or willing to just wait until we are. [...]

28 Oct ’14 // 12 Comments

Meandering Passage gets new magazine format

I've changed the visual format of Meandering Passage. This blog has had many lives and looks since 2006 -- it's been an Internet/Mac Technical Blog, a Photographic Blog and a Personal Journal Blog, only to mention a few. I felt I needed a way to separate and display the history of the different content and perhaps a "magazine" style would best do that. I'll continue to work out the bugs and to make it feel warmer and friendlier. [...]

27 Oct ’14 // 9 Comments


During my time for morning walks I'm often surprised at what topic or event my mind will begin to process with each step. I am prone to let thoughts wander and self select, hopefully allowing those to surface which are most relevant to me at that moment. [...]

16 Oct ’14 // 12 Comments

Illuminated Moment

You can always amend a big plan, but you can never expand a little one. [...]

11 Oct ’14 // 7 Comments

Fall getaway, 2014

This past weekend it was off to the North Carolina Mountains at the invitation of friends to join them in their mountain cabin. It's a little less then a three hour drive [...]

7 Oct ’14 // 4 Comments

Forest floor give away

The last couple of weeks on my morning walks I've noticed clear signs of fall, not in the trees but on the forest floor. Viewing the trees/forest from any distance and you can't discern much change but the leaves falling from certain trees giveaway the season quickly approaching. [...]

29 Sep ’14 // 12 Comments

A few more photos of Segovia Castle interior

There are moments when it seems all the photographic stars are aligned and in a storm of productivity one good photo opportunity after the another presents itself before your camera. [...]

27 Sep ’14 // 7 Comments

Keeping focused

So these days when I'm feeling tumbled about by life's daily trials and opportunities, I try to remember to hold my place on the starting line and be focused on the goals ahead. [...]

19 Sep ’14 // 6 Comments

And why are we here?

But jobs end and we're preparing to move into the next act of our lives -- Life 2.5. Our current location no longer fits into that. Perhaps only a mindset, but... [...]

11 Sep ’14 // 8 Comments

Sunset thoughts as the sun rises

What if you were given a mostly clean slate, a start over, a chance to redefine how and where you want to live the rest of your life -- within financial/resource limits of course? [...]

5 Sep ’14 // 16 Comments

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