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Naming this blog “Meandering Passage” was no accident but more a prediction of the changes it has experienced — whether you take the meaning of passage as a voyage or as a short written extract it’s still descriptive of this blogs “life path.” It’s had a number of direction changes beginning as a technical blog with a strong Apple Mac computer influence shifting to a personal Photoblog and now leaning into a travel/RV lifestyle journal — with some technical and how-to articles tossed in for seasoning. I can’t predict where or what Meandering Passage will be in a year except it will no doubt be different then it is now.

You’ll also find I have a page on this site, under about, dedicated to my dog “Foster.”  Foster suffered from Canine Idopathic Epilepsy – he had seizures that over a period of several years became consistently worst.  I used this page to log and follow his struggles, both for my own use and to share with others travelling similar paths with their own dogs.  Foster is no longer with us.  His seizures became uncontrollable in May of 2012.


This blog’s by-line is “Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known” — a Carl Sagan quote.  This has also become a personal mantra, repeated when I have doubts about stepping outside my personal box or comfort area.

I enjoy photography as a tool to discover more about myself — how I see things and the impact the world has upon me.  Thus, with each photo I strive for improvement, discovery and understanding. I also love the technical side of digital photography while trying to honor its artistic endeavors. Photography, as with life, is about balance.

I’ve spent most of my working life in Information Technology (IT) which explains the more technical articles you may find in this blog.

With experience I’ve come to recognize I feel most alive when pushing beyond my comfort zone and learning something new about the world, others and myself which may explain, at least in part, my wife and I recently selling out home and possessions and becoming full time RV’ers.

Life’s short — live it fully!

Thanks for stopping by — I appreciate your visit.



July 2014

©Meandering Passage - Earl Moore Photography

Selfie – Earl Moore, December 2013

©Meandering Passage - Earl Moore Photography

Portrait, me and grandson George – Nov 2012

Earl Moore Photography

Self-Portrait, Nov 2011

Earl Moore Photography

Self-Portrait, Jan 2010

Earl Moore Photography

Self-Portrait, Feb 2009