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Recent photographic project

©Meandering Passage - Earl Moore Photography


After two years working for an agency providing shelter and services for those in dire need I’ve been forever changed in the way I view these issues in our society.  Since retiring last year, I’ve continue to offer my photographic services for this wonderful cause.

©Meandering Passage - Earl Moore Photography


I was recently asked to produce photos concerning the plight of homeless families and children for a upcoming donation campaign…these are some of the results.

16 Comments on Recent photographic project

  1. Wow, Earl. These are great. I like your processing, too. It must be very rewarding.
    Paul recently posted… Sometimes, a U-turn is required.

  2. Great stuff Earl… very sensitive work.
    pj recently posted… ah, winter

  3. Congratulations, Earl. Very fine results for a more than worthy cause – certainly urgent (unfortunately in our rich societies) and worth every effort one can put in.
    Markus recently posted… Open Space, Decorations

    • Markus, thanks. There’s talk of recovery for many but for some the situation continues to get worst as companies continue to pursue profits for their shareholders and lay off workers. It’s easy to lose sight of those who still suffer.

  4. Great work for a worthwhile cause, Earl. Well done.
    ken bello recently posted… let it snow

  5. Paul Maxim // 13 Feb ’13 at 8:00 am // Reply

    Some great images here, Earl. I especially like the top center photograph (the young girl) and the one just below it and to the right (the young boy). In both cases, the eyes seem to be looking right through the viewer. Mesmerizing. And the black and white treatment is perfect. Color would have lessened the impact, I think.

    • Paul, thanks. I did four different final processes for the project…subdued color, black & white, dark sepia, and then an extreme poster version…each providing a different look and feel for different parts of their campaign. I enjoyed the challenge.

  6. Nowwwww, that is a project, Earl. And, I think your compassion will work well with it. Looking forward to seeing the results. This too will change you even more. I like then all but I would also have chose the first one to start the post.
    Monte Stevens recently posted… The Girls

  7. A beautiful and very moving series Earl. I wish I could photograph like this. Thanks for sharing these.
    Cedric Canard recently posted… Comings and goings

    • Cedric, thanks. I’m always a little nervous starting a project like this due to the importance I feel for the subject matter but once I begin I find these same feelings to provide inspiration.

  8. Earl, what an emotional and powerful set of images. It’s heartbreaking seeing children in such difficult circumstances. You’ve captured the burdensome atmosphere brilliantly. I like how much emotion you convey even in the images where you can’t see the children’s eyes. Many compliments.
    Martina Egli recently posted… Love is in the Air

    • Thank-you, Martina. Trying to arrange a composition which provides impact but hides the face is often driven by a respect for the privacy of the subjects, in this case children. I try to be very aware of this and make sure they and their guardians are okay with how the photos are being taken and how they will be used. :-)

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