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Fast forward — Paused

©Meandering Passage - Earl Moore Photography

Fast forward for a moment…

Hight water continues flowing over the Cooleemee River Park (The Bullhole) dam four days after heavy rain.

If you’ve got 54 sec’s to spare you can view with audio the power of the water in the video below.  The first I’ve tried with the Nikon D600.  This was recorded using a Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, which I fumbled with a bit when trying to access the zoom.

If you’ve got the bandwidth, watch it at 1080p HD.  You’ll also see both Maggie and my shadows in it.

…Now back to our scheduled pause.

10 Comments on Fast forward — Paused

  1. You know, I keep meaning to return there. Cool bit of video. Now you just need to do some editing, add a music track, some fades here and there, and some nice poetry and you’re straight! :D
    Paul recently posted… SPAM-a-lot

    • Paul, last Friday would have been the day to see really high water at “The Bullhole”…there were certainly signs of it. Thanks…I’ll be working on those video skills! ;-)

  2. I could sit on the rocks and watch the water flow for hours. Great video!
    Steve Skinner recently posted… Thoughts On The Forest

  3. Excellent video. I couldn’t tell from the shadow but did you use a tripod? The panning was very smooth and I think you were getting a handle on the zoom. I’ve yet to try this feature.

  4. Ken, I shot this handheld. The D600 seems to do a nice job but it’ll take some practice to get good at it. Thanks!

  5. I am impressed with the stability you have with hand holding for this video. I’m impressed. I also loved the sound of this river, it’s power. I’m going to have to go there in person some time. Do you hire out?
    Monte Stevens recently posted… Morning Light

  6. Your photography is superb, very nice work. The driftwood looks like a gator with his head up.
    Don Cooper recently posted… Orchid Beauty in the North Country -3 below

  7. Earl, that’s a striking photo – I love the dramatic shades created by the trees in the foreground; the water flowing over the dam and that blue sky are fabulous too! Thanks for including the video, it’s very impressive to hear the power of the water. Seeing the shadows of you and Maggie made me smile. Have a wonderful week!
    Martina Egli recently posted… A walk in the snow…

  8. Wow! Because I read the comments first, the video was even more impressive. I would have been certain that you were using a tripod. Excellent first try. I hope you keep exploring this.

    I love that sound. We don’t have a river close by; but, this sure makes me want to revisit the Kern which isn’t terribly far from us.
    Anita Jesse recently posted… Equine Portfolio

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