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A surprise rainbow

©Meandering Passage - Earl Moore Photography

Something I’ve always regretted about the location of our home is there’s not a clear/clean view of the horizon either to the east or west by which to enjoy beautiful sunrises or sunsets.

So normally, when home, I don’t pay to much attention to the sky.  However, early this morning, as I threw a full trash bag in the trash bin, my eye’s widened with the above view of the western sky — a beautiful full rainbow.  It was so wide I had to stitch two photos together to get both ends.

Of course I immediately looked east to find the source for this wonderful light – bingo!

14 Comments on A surprise rainbow

  1. Yes. Thank goodness you had your camera with you! :-)
    Monte Stevens recently posted… Should have gotten up earlier

    • That’s right, Monte, even when taking out the trash I have a camera around my neck…NOT! ;-)

      But, it was not far away.

  2. We’ve got an eastern view but it is blocked by trees. I got to see the color this morning but wasn’t able to do anything about it. I didn’t look the other way though, or I might have seen the same rainbow!
    Tom Dills recently posted… Another Example

  3. We are surrounded by tall trees which is really nice but prevents views such as this. If I go out to the street I have a bit of a view but usually not photo worthy. This is really very nice. 16:9?
    ken bello recently posted… evolution or continuous improvement?

  4. Pretty cool and a very lucky find!
    Steve Skinner recently posted… Thoughts On The Tide

  5. I can relate to your comment about the horizon Earl. In fact, I can’t get a clear view of the horizon until I actually drive out to one of the lakes. Beautiful sky, and great moment captured.
    Mark recently posted… Always do that 180

  6. What a stunning view! I have never seen a morning rainbow and it looks absolutely beautiful. I love the wonderful red and blue hues in the sky and the silhouette of the tree really adds to the composition.
    Martina Egli recently posted… London #8

  7. Talk about bonus materials! Very nice. And a great idea to stitch two images together to make a beautiful shot, Earl!
    Paul recently posted… A tough crowd

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