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Autumn Oak

©Meandering Passage - Earl Moore Photography

The rusty reddish brown’s of an Oak Tree on a late Autumn rainy day.  There was a small break in the clouds overhead giving this scene a bit of “strange lighting.”

National Cemetery, Salisbury, NC

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  1. Nice image Earl, looks like this tree has some nice separation to the branches. I think trees like this allow for more of a graphical presence over others.

    Btw, my Accelsior is going back. My Mac started acting really flakey- hanging up at times, then problems booting, and finally the darn thing became unreadable. Looks like I will stay the traditional HD route or a more normal SSD.
    Mark recently posted… Mac Pro Mercury Accelsior

    • Mark, thanks.

      Sorry to hear about your experience with the Accelsior. It certainly looked to have some wonderful features and capabilities. I’ve used a couple OWA conventional SSD’s as OS X boot drives with issues at all.

      In my 2007 Mac Pro I mounted the boot SSD in my second CD/DVD bay, which I wasn’t using, and used one of the two addition SATA connectors on the motherboard leaving my four Mac Pro drive bays untouched. OWA has all the mounting and cable hardware for this and you can put two 2.5″ SSD’s in the second CD drive bay. The performance has been outstanding.

      • Yeah, I really had high hopes for it – but it is on its way back now. Thanks for the reminder about the 2nd CD drive bay, I remember seeing kits for it awhile back and forgot that was an option. I think I will check into that next.

        Question : Did you end up putting your Photoshop scratch disk on the same SSD as the program, or a separate drive (HD or SSD?) I know conventional wisdom calls for a separate drive, but I haven’t looked into what it means for SSD. It would seem to make sense to have the faster access part, but not sure about the constant read/write…

        • I’m running Photoshop with the scratch disk on a separate HD. I tried it on the SSD but it didn’t seem to make much difference performance wise…of course I’m running with 32Gb of memory so it may not be accessing the scratch disk much.

  2. There is something very moody about this but I just can’t put my finger in it. Perhaps it’s the headstones in the foreground but the tree, being such a vivid red, is so alive. It’s a great photo.
    ken bello recently posted… new soft where!!!

  3. Definitely some very interesting light there, Earl. Looks like you also have some processing voodoo going on in that photo and the last one. Very dreamy and moody, as Ken said.
    TomDills recently posted… Fall in Roanoke

  4. I like the deep color of this beautiful tree. These will soon be a nice memory as winter arrives.
    Don recently posted… Growing

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