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Follow-up: Selling used photographic equipment

After posting here of "extra" used camera equipment I was planning to sell and not getting any reasonable offers I've proceeded to sell it on-line. I thought I'd share a little information from that process.

Leaves, after the fall

Crunching about in the woods this last week with a crisp carpet of fallen leaves beneath my feet I was remembering how much I use to enjoy playing in the leaves on fall days as a child -- wonderful play. I've noticed I wasn't the only one enjoying the fall woods and it's fallen leaves, as attest by the beautiful photos of Mark Graph.

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We can always talk about the weather…especially these days

This has been a protracted Fall. It seems to be happening in stages with some nice foliage colors at each stage -- not the impact of when they all turn at once, but still nice. Perhaps it's the weather. Week to week, or even day to day, I'm never certain what to expect so why would trees be any less confused.

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