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Catching the bright spots of fall

A few samples of local autumn images I’ve collected this week while being out-and-about.  While there’s not widespread color there are some color “hot spots” here and there.

Nothing spectacular…at the moment just something to post! :-)

Everyone have a good weekend!

7 Comments on Catching the bright spots of fall

  1. Great choice of fall colors Earl.
    Steve Skinner recently posted… The Perfect Fall Day

  2. Thanks for sharing, Earl. I like the simplicity of the tree trunk and the yellow leaves. Have a super weekend.
    Monte Stevens recently posted… The Solution Is

  3. Very nice series, Earl. One photo almost looks like a watercolor filter has been applied. This type of photo is perfect for the effect.
    ken bello recently posted… 247

  4. Now that’s something we don’t get over here in Queensland, Australia. Enchanting is a good word to describe this sort of scenery, at least, that is how I think of it considering that our trees look pretty much the same all year round (with a few flowering exceptions).

    Beautiful selection.
    Cedric Canard recently posted… Silent witness

  5. @Monte – Thanks!

    @Ken – Thanks and yeah I saw that too but I didn’t do any special processing to make it that way.

    @Cedric – I didn’t realized you didn’t have this type of color for your fall season — learned something new! :-) Thanks!

  6. Earl, nice variety and selection of subjects in these shots. I was drawn right to the color as being the subject for each. After reading Cedric’s comment, it was a nice reminder to be appreciative of the fortune we have in experiencing this change of season. Not all parts of the world are as fortunate. My wife has a cousin in Southern California, and she has never witnessed fall change either.
    Mark recently posted… Silver Lake dunes

    • Mark, thanks. Yes, it’s easy for me to take something for granted…but I’m working on getting better in my personal appreciation.

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