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Sandy: Be safe

I've noticed a few website's either down or very slow. Even this blog, physically hosted at a data center in the New England area, was down for a short while earlier this morning. The images and stories coming out of the storm (Sandy) main impact areas are shocking.

Finalized – Annual Church Calendar photo project

With the 2013 church calendar photo project completed and the photos turned in, I've added them to my gallery under Projects-Rowan Churches. From a creative stand point I'm limited in what I can do with or to these photo's

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Current work and thoughts

I finished photographing the 22 local churches selected for the 2013 calendar of the agency I work for. I'm now post processing the images to black-and-white as well as removing unavoidable obstructions from the images...signs, power lines, light poles, etc. I'm having a little easier time of it this year as only a couple of the churches were on main city streets with all that brings.

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