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Seeing again…

"With time and experience comes a different perception of what's going on around you." ~ Chris Robinson Everything in this photo is a reflection except for a few random small leaves floating on the water's surface.  Our minds want the world around us to make sense so often it'll initially interpret things in a way which initially seems to do so, only later integrating contradicting details which may demand a change in our frame of reference.

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A nice surprise

A nice surprised awaited me this morning -- an article and the above photo was publish online by an Italian Newspaper referencing "Meandering Passage" and my posts/photos in and around La Spazia and the Cinque Terre coast, Italy. So a big thank you Nic at Gazzetta del La Spezia -- I appreciate it!

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Just around the bend

While the dam and often waterfalls are main attractions of the Cooleemee River Park, a walk above the dam can be interesting as well.  There's a trail which wanders along the river bank there with spots the local fishermen frequent evident along it. I followed this trail for perhaps a quarter of a mile before deciding to turn back on this particular visit and was rewarded for my exploration with a flash of autumn color along the river bank.

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