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Get your boat out of the water…

Earl Moore Photography
Now don’t you just know if it was the Democratic National Convention being held in Tampa Bay, FL, next week the “Far Right Wingers” would be saying tropical storm/hurricane Isaac (a biblical name no less) was being sent to express God’s disapproval of Obama.

Better get your boat out of the water Mitt. I’m just saying… ;-)

7 Comments on Get your boat out of the water…

  1. Paul Maxim // 26 Aug ’12 at 8:28 am // Reply

    What I’m afraid of, Earl, is that some photographer will snap a picture that makes Mitt look like he’s walking on water (and / or “taming” the storm) and all the crazies will decide that he has, indeed, been sent to “save” us. To “take back” our country. Why is it that they never say what (or whom) they’re going to take it back from?

    Another blue boat. Anything metaphoric there Earl? You know, like “blue states” versus “red states”?

    • LOL, you’re probably right Paul. You be sure and look for those ads in the next rounds of TV Super Pac commercials. I’m staying away from TV this whole next week — my efforts at keeping my blood pressure down.

      There wasn’t any direct intent in selecting this photo of the blue boat except that I liked it…but I guess there could have been something going on subconsciously. :-)

  2. Pfffffffffft!
    Paul recently posted… We made it!!!

  3. I don’t care about the DNC but I sure like this photo. Now I think I’ll go out and rent a bunch of movies.
    ken bello recently posted… chicken delight

  4. I also agree, this is a nice image. The low perspective is awesome.
    Monte Stevens recently posted… Meet Up Again

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